Jubilee is a fan-favorite X-Man dating back to his time with the team in the ’90s, and now Marvel has finally revealed the truth about his powers.

Warning: Spoilers for Days of the Demon: X-Men # 1!

In a newly reinvented version of the X Men set in feudal Japan, AnniversaryThe powers have been hit with a real bomb that is so large that fans of the character should immediately take notice. Suffice it to say that the term “fireworks” in relation to Jubilee’s powers has been used in a derisive way since its inception decades ago, and with the release of the manga-inspired film. Demon Days: X-Men, said the powers have been taken to a decidedly fun new level, quite literal and extremely explosive.

While it might be more of an ironic nod to fans’ ever-constant and hilarious thoughts on how Jubilee’s power set actually works, this limited series provides fans with a remake of the character that should be one for nothing. worth paying attention. Demon Days: X-Men It may have started, but it’s already flipping the best elements of the iconic X-Men characters on their heads, and that’s a good thing.

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In the first issue of Peach Momoko’s Demon Days: X-Men Fans are immediately introduced to a completely new and unique version of Marvel’s Merry Band of Mutants. Following a wandering swordsman and his wolf companion who act as versions of Psylocke and Wolverine, respectively, the duo come across a village that is being threatened by an Orochi, or “Giant Serpent,” with a familiar black and white symbiote attached, a problem. they take as their own the second they set foot inside the village.

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jubilee marvel comic art

Upon meeting with resident Jushi, or “Curse Master”, who deals with magic and medicine, in order to seek his help in defeating this Venom-possessed Orochi, it is revealed that this Master is none other than the X -Men from the early 1990s. Jubilee’s basic outfit, known as Juju by the surrounding villagers. As X-Men fans well know, Jubilee’s powers are what basically amounts to being able to form energy fireworks in the palms of her hands, and in this reimagined feudal Japan, her “powers” like Jushi are literally displayed as fair. that: real fireworks.

Handing out cone-shaped objects with a wick on top, the cheeky question of “Are these … fireworks?” Juju is asked explaining that these little explosives are perfect for keeping the Venom Orochi at bay, as their loud hisses and bright lights are the best options to buy time and weaken the snake until the pseudo-Psylocke returns with help. By lighting them up around the village, its effect is immediate and gives the X-Men the time to successfully take out Venom, a super cool and inspired way to translate Jubilee’s character and powers into this setting, especially when It’s about a truth about his powers that Marvel has always danced to admitting.

So by giving Jubilee (or Juju) real fireworks as substitutes for powers, Demon Days: X-Men is already changing the idea of ​​what Marvel’s mutant team can mean in a unique series that is just beginning. the X Men I could only call Anniversary however you need it, but it will be ready when possible, attitude on point and fireworks in hand … literally.

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