the Teen Titans they are believed to be a bit friendlier to each other than their older colleagues at DC Comics, but sometimes these characters find themselves at each other’s throats. Some of your teammates go crazy all the time and threaten the lives and general well-being of others.

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Some of the Titans don’t even have to be evil to cause trouble for the other Titans. Some are simply cruel, petty, and arrogant, although technically they are still team members and a force for good. And at the end of the day, some heroes just work better alone. Considering how the Titans sometimes differ in their comic and animated versions, a Titan can also be a sweetheart in one version and a nightmare in the next.

10 Jericho: He just has too many bad influences (in the comics)

Although he is the son of Slade / Deathstroke, Jericho, also known as Joseph Wilson, has been a member of the Teen Titans for a long time. He explicitly joined the team to take down his father. That being said, there have been times when he fought them. Exactly what makes him evil varies with each story arc, from evil spirits to spending too much time with evil clones.

In animation, Jericho is generally a supporting character who rarely rebels and is usually on the Titan’s side. In Teen TitansIt wasn’t even clear if he was still Slade’s son in this version. In Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, appears primarily as a test subject.

9 Devastator: Generally, everyone was afraid of him.

Rose Wilson as Devastator

Naturally, Jericho’s sister Rose has also been on opposite sides of the fence, being both a villain and a teenage titan. During his stint as a Titan in the comics, he still generally didn’t get along with them either, either he didn’t trust her and was scared of her. He particularly had a rivalry with Wonder Girl. That said, at some points, it can be argued that the problem was more that the team did not get along with her, and not the other way around. Eventually, she leaves.

Animation tends to take the opposite route with her. Teen Titans Go! He technically has her as a villain, but she seems to be on friendly terms with some of the team, especially Raven. Although technically he is not a Titan, or even appears to have some alter-ego, when he appears in DC Super Hero Girls, she is simply a friendly classmate of the girls.

8 Raven: She turned evil and ruined a wedding in the comics

In the comics, Raven was eventually taken over by her own corrupted conscience and became an evil agent of her father, the demon Trigon. One of his most infamous actions during this time was to ruin Nightwing and Starfire’s wedding. Finally, good old Raven was implanted into Starfire and obtained a golden spirit body, while the Titans defeated her evil alter-ego.

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In animation, Raven is almost always a good guy and usually does not betray the team, sometimes he is portrayed as the sanest member of the team.

7 Danny Chase: He tried to sabotage the team’s plans because he thought his were better

Danny chase

Danny Chase, or Phantasm, during his career, was one of the youngest members of the team and mostly seemed to develop as a rival to the Beast Boy. Although some of the characters, like Nightwing, more or less had faith in him, he was mostly sarcastic and spoiled, serving as comic relief. There were even times when he sabotaged the Titans’ plans because he thought he could come up with better ones.

Eventually, he was killed: he was eventually fused with Raven’s mother, Arella, and the disembodied souls of Azarath to become a new Ghost.

6 Mirage: She stole Starfire’s identity

Mirage with the Teen Titans

Technically speaking, Mirage had good intentions when she first appeared, trying to avoid Lord Chaos’ reign, although her method of achieving this goal: (traveling back in time and killing her future mother, Donna Troy) was not the best. could do. . Especially considering it turns out later that she’s not really from the future, anyway.

What really pushed her deep inside was when she fell in love with Nightwing, causing her to kidnap, imprison, and impersonate Starfire just to get to him. With the Titans unaware of the trick until the real Starfire escapes, he even managed to successfully assault Nightwing using a fraud.

5 Risk: he turned to crime even before he became a villain

Venture Teen Titans

Risk was a daredevil turned superhero and a member of the Teen Titans, but he found it difficult to remain a good guy. At one point, he became a fugitive and indulged in petty theft. A turning point for him was having his arm ripped off, although the Titans managed to save his life.

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Once again, he returned to a life of crime and was eventually blackmailed into serving Deathstroke, killing characters, and even torturing Cyborg. Eventually, he even loses his other arm.

4 Pantha: Threat to young children

Panthra Teen Titans

Even as a team member, Pantha always tended to reprimand and attack the other team members. When he was tasked with caring for Baby Wildebeest, his initial reaction was to constantly threaten to kill the boy, although he seems to eventually get excited about it.

When she appeared in the Teen Titans cartoon, she is still portrayed as quite haughty and dismissive, although she is on better terms with Wildebeest, although it is unclear what their relationship is this time around.

3 Aqualad: It even stopped being nice to fish

Aqualad go

In Teen Titans Go!Aqualad’s rivalry with Beast Boy has more or less become his defining trait. Raven seems to be the only one who tolerates, due to being in love with her. It is also hinted that he is a pirate.

His personality even takes a nosedive when it comes to his underwater friends, the creatures of the sea. He used to treat them with respect, but eventually began to use them as his slaves on occasion, even killing them for his own amusement.

two Kid Flash: eventually became Robin’s rival

Kid Flash Teen Titans Go

In the 2000s Teen Titans cartoons, Kid Flash was generally one of the good guys. In fact, he was such a nice guy that he got a bit infected with Jinx, who eventually joined the Titans.

In Teen Titans Go!However, he is mostly rewritten to be Robin’s rival, eventually stealing Robin’s teammates and the tower. It’s even implicit in a backstory that Titans East founded just to annoy Robin. Considering that Will Friedle expresses to him, it could all be just a joke about Batman’s son and neighborhood having a bit of a rivalry.

1 Terra: a mole’s place is with the earth

Terra Teen Titans Go

Infamously, in the comics, Terra is probably best known for betraying the Titans and serving as a mole on the team, which is quite fitting given her earth-based powers. Later versions of the character (especially other characters who have taken on the mantle) generally try to be less evil than her, but the original seems to make the biggest impression. Even as a team member, she liked to call her teammates nicknames, like calling Raven a “witch”, which seems petty.

She is generally less evil in animation (with Slade usually manipulating her) rather than just hating “good-good” Titans. Teen Titans Go! splits the difference: she openly plans to destroy the Titans and is quite eloquent about how much she hates them, but only Raven seems to notice, and even she doesn’t seem to care much.

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