Professor Charles Xavier is the founder of the X-Men and one of the most important people in the Marvel Universe. As one of the most powerful mutants on the planet, Xavier took it into his own hands to start a school where mutants could learn to control their powers and become heroes, those who would prove that mutants did not want to erase humanity.

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However, over the years, it seemed like Xavier could be more detrimental to the team than anything else. He can be very shady about things and is known to manipulate events around him for his own purposes. The X-Men have worked a lot against him and his mentor has often been one of those things.

10 Bringing mutants to school was a bad idea

The Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters was a pretty good idea, in theory – giving mutants a place where they could be themselves and learning about their powers is commendable. However, the problem comes because the school, for years, was just a place with many mutants, many of whom were not yet trained.

This painted a goal at the school that the X-Men’s most dangerous foes had no problem attacking, whether they were evil villains or anti-mutant government forces. Forcing the X-Men to stay in a place that all of their enemies knew about was a terrible idea, regardless of how much defensive technology has gotten into the mansion over the years.

9 He ran things like a benevolent dictatorship

Charles Xavier from X-Men

For years, the last word on anything came from Xavier. Cyclops may have been the “leader” of the team, but Xavier was the one in charge and his opinion prevailed. If I told the X-Men they had to do something, it was done, regardless of how they felt about it. They could come to him with their suggestions and he would listen, but in the end, his word prevailed.

It wasn’t the best way to do things and it seems Xavier has learned his lesson by putting a council in charge of the mutant nation of Krakoa. However, it is still the only voice that apparently matters the most, so perhaps it did not learn its lesson as well as it seems.

8 He was not a great team player


One of the ironies of Charles Xavier is that even though he started a team and sent them on missions he thought were important, in reality he was not a great team player himself. Xavier kept a lot to himself and was not one to go to his students for help.

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Xavier always had his reasons for this, but they were never very good. If he had delegated better and asked his more advanced students for help, things would have been very different for the team. He also set a bad example for Cyclops, who would become increasingly insular during his time as the leader of the mutant race, which caused a lot of trouble for the team in the future.

7 The aftermath of Onslaught nearly destroyed the team

Professor X as Onslaught

The Onslaught affair was a black eye for the X-Men that took a long time to heal. The essences of Xavier and Magneto mixed to create a new being, bent on destroying humanity. In the wake of their defeat, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four were gone, presumed dead, and Xavier and the X-Men were to blame.

Xavier was imprisoned by Bastion, a Nimrod Sentinel that passed through the Siege Perilous, and Operation: Zero Tolerance nearly destroyed the team. All of this came because Xavier did not ask his friends for help with the beast that was growing within him.

6 His anti-assassin stance nearly doomed the mutant race many times.

For superheroes, killing is the last resort, but the X-Men are only nominally superheroes. Your main job is to protect mutants from all forms of threats and sometimes the best way to stop them is with some assassinations. Xavier was very against this kind of thing and he hurt the X-Men a lot over the years.

There were definitely times when the X-Men and the mutant race could have benefited from letting Wolverine do what he did best. However, Xavier’s overly moral stance caused many threats to keep coming back, attacking mutants and humans alike, making the X-Men appear ineffective and making things worse for mutants.

5 He was not the best to form teams

A team is a very fragile thing. They must have complementary powers, be able to work together and listen to their leader. While the X-Men are one of the best-trained teams, most of it is after-the-fact training. The X-Men, as collected by Xavier, were often tinderboxes of conflicting personalities who did not function well together.

While they would eventually find a way to work together, it was through a lot of hard work and dedication, something that there was no way to guarantee would happen. Xavier pretty much just chose any powerful mutant that would say yes to the team and this almost ruins things on many occasions, even costing lives more than once.

4 It fell apart a lot over the years

Marvel - Charles Xavier

Xavier, apparently, was about making sure the man and the mutant could live in harmony. However, his dedication to the cause did not always seem as strong as he made it seem. Xavier left the team to his own devices a lot, either faking his death so he could fight an alien invasion or simply to spend time with his alien princess girlfriend.

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Xavier tricked the team a ton of times over the years, leaving them to their own devices. They were rarely well prepared for this and the team struggled without him, trying to get his job done and his.

3 I kept so many team secrets

If there was one thing Xavier was good at, and still is, it was keeping secrets from the X-Men, the ones they probably needed to know. For example, Xavier trained a team of X-Men to rescue the original X-Men from Krakoa before the team that debuted in Giant size X-Men # 1. Most of them died and he erased everyone’s mind, a move that would once again haunt everyone.

The secrets Xavier keeps are the ones that always have big repercussions, like his time in the Illuminati or the fact that Moira MacTaggert was a mutant who had lived nine mutant lives destroyed by humanity. Xavier’s propensity to keep secrets has done a lot of damage to the team.

two I was pretty free with the old mind manipulation

Xavier used his telepathy a lot over the years and not always against the team’s enemies. Xavier had no problem doing selective erasure of memory in humans and mutants alike if it served his purposes and this could be a very bad thing. From the whole situation with Vulcan to Onslaught, Xavier’s propensity to wipe minds was very bad for the team.

It gets a lot worse because the powers that be that Xavier did this kind of thing and made them trust the X-Men even less, painting an even bigger target on their backs.

1 Maintained a dangerous status quo for years

Professor Xavier in a wheelchair

Today, the X-Men and the mutant race call the mutant nation of Krakoa home. Mutants have real power and status in the world and the most powerful have been reunited, making Krakoa the most powerful nation on Earth; no one could be in a war against them for long. While this was all due to Xavier working with Moira and Magneto, for years he imposed a dangerous status quo.

Even though he had knowledge of what could happen to mutants because of Moira, he foolishly kept the school going, a very dangerous status quo that could have backfired many times over mutants. He constantly put the X-Men in a defensive position, endangering the best and brightest of mutants because he was afraid of shaking the ship for too long.

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