Aquaman 2 should introduce Kaldur’ahm, aka Aqualad, as a new character to enhance Black Manta’s DCEU story, given the villain’s connection to him.

Aquaman 2 should introduce Aqualad as a new support player to help extend Black Manta’s overall DCEU story arc. One of the upcoming installments of Warner Bros. ‘huge DC cinematic universe is the sequel to Jason Momoa Aquaman. Currently, Arthur Curry’s next appearance will be in Zack Snyder’s Justice League which will include the appropriate bow for Aquaman that was originally planned. But Aquaman 2 is also in the works and will feature the King of the Seven Seas once again on his next adventure. The first movie focused heavily on King Orm, aka Ocean Master, as the main antagonist. While Ocean Master is one of Aquaman’s greatest foes, the James Wan-directed film also featured another iconic foe: Black Manta.

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Aquaman saw the beginning of Arthur’s rivalry with David Hyde, who grew in hatred of the Justice League member after his father Jesse was killed in a botched submarine hijacking. While Arthur could have saved him, he refused, paving David’s evolution into Black Manta. Aquaman ended up with Black Manta, in association with Stephen Shin, making it clear that he’s not done with Arthur yet, establishing him as the main villain of the sequel, who will see the pair face off against each other once more.

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But this climactic battle could have a lot more at stake if Aqualad was featured in the DCEU for the film. There are two versions of the young hero, but the one the DCEU would benefit the most from is Kaldur’ahm (or Jackson Hyde, as he is also known). This Aqualad has been a huge fan favorite since its debut on Young Justice, and he would be a useful addition to the DCEU not only because of his popularity, but also because he is the biological son of Black Manta, which added a complex twist due to Aqualad’s relationship with Aquaman and his own father. The DCEU version of Black Manta, thus far, hasn’t hinted at whether he has a family or not, but it’s not difficult to create a backstory where David discovers that he has a son who is serving alongside Arthur.

Not only does this add much higher and more personal stakes to the film, it also creates a character that is immediately complex and difficult to predict as Aqualad is torn between supporting her parents and doing the right thing and supporting her mentor Aquaman. . It would even be a perfect way to develop a nearly unpredictable plot twist, as Jackson could be a Black Manta spy or double agent who accidentally learns heroism through his time with Arthur Curry.

The DCEU has so far not listed the main heroes’ cronies, with the exception of Batman’s dead Robin. As the DCEU progresses, the introduction of the cronies gives the main heroes new responsibilities and helps them develop their cinematic universe. Not only is Aqualad a solid character to bring the teenage hero concept to the DCEU, but he would add a lot to the development of Black Manta. There is much of the Aquaman mythology that is born to be told on screen and Aquaman 2 Hopefully Aqualad will make his film debut as the DCEU continues to build its universe.

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