The Chunin Exams were a series of essays in the Naruto universe destined to test current genin and determine whether or not they were worthy of promotion to the next rank. Although it is possible to retake the test after failing, as Kabuto frequently did, the dangers he faces mean that many will never get the chance.

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Nonetheless, it provides an excellent measure of the competence of its participants. Placing characters from Attack on Titan universe in the same situation as the shinobi, it is possible to see who of them has more merit and who does not.

10 Failure: Gabi’s aggression would hinder her

Gabi Braun smiling in a trench

Jamie was a Marley man and perhaps the most capable prospect in the Eldian internment zone. He has shown excellent marksmanship and prowess in battle in wars against the many opponents of his masters.

However, the intrepid spirit of the young woman would hinder her, especially if one of her allies was defeated. It would force her to aggressively seek revenge, revealing her location and resulting in her disappearance by a more temperamental shinobi. However, he would have the conviction and the audacity to pass the written exam, only failing in the Forest of Death.

9 Pass: Levi has competence, rationality and, above all, skill

Levi ackerman

Although he is not a Titan, Levi’s skills and agility surpass many of the imposing opponents he has fought with. He was fast enough to avoid several attackers, even defeating entire regiments of soldiers after being ambushed.

This implies that it could be adapted to Naruto Alluring shinobi of the universe with relative ease. Also, since both the Forest of Death and the early stages of the tournament have something to contend with (via its abundant trees or railings, respectively), you wouldn’t be short of options to employ your ODM gear.

8 Failure: Erwin’s intelligence would only take him so far

Erwin Smith Attack On Titan, angry

Erwin was the charismatic and talented leader of the Scouts. Your insight and ability to find the truth would allow you to pass the written exam with little difficulty or hesitation. Furthermore, his leadership may even make it possible to survive the Forest of Death, as he is a capable fighter himself.

However, he does not share Ackermann’s deep agility, nor does he wield a Titan. As a result, he couldn’t hope to defeat any of the shinobi (or other Attack on Titan contenders) that he might face in the next tournament.

7 Pass: Reiner has power and conviction

Reiner Braun becomes the armored titan

Reiner was the Armored Titan and possibly Marley’s most competent warrior sent to claim the Coordinate (outside of Zeke). As durable as it is unstoppable, man could reach astonishing speeds in seconds, destroying large swaths of the wall in the wars he fought against Marley’s enemies.

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Furthermore, he possesses the highest conviction of those envoys against the Eldians, refusing to return home empty-handed after the death of the Jaw Titan at the hands of Ymir. This shows that you are unwilling to back down from the written test, even if you don’t know the answers.

6 Failure: Bertholdt is undisciplined and his Titan form would disqualify him

Bertholdt was shocked, because Reiner just told Eren that they are Titans.

Although Bertholdt’s colossal titan is stronger than Reiner’s armor (demonstrated through his ability to defeat Eren with a single decisive kick), there are several reasons why he would not pass the exam.

Not only does he possess far less conviction than his friend (inclined to abandon the mission alongside Annie near its beginning), the activation of his Colossal Titan sets off a massive explosion that would likely kill many of the Chunin Exam viewers. This would likely disqualify him for the unintentional carnage he caused.

5 Pass: Mikasa is competent and experienced

Attack on Titan Mikasa

Mikasa is a competent and skilled Scout whose prowess is dwarfed only by Levi. He has saved Eren’s life dozens of times and possesses the agility to dodge Titans (shown when Yeager went berserk and how he distracted the Warhammer).

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Additionally, the young woman has access to Ackermann’s rare burst of power, as seen by the way she defended herself from a potential slave owner. This would grant him vitality in extreme situations and allow him to turn the tide of battle at any time against an unsuspecting shinobi.

4 Failure: Sasha is easily intimidated and has limited ability

Sasha blouse death scene

Like Gabi, Sasha’s abilities are mainly due to her marksmanship. Having been raised on a farm, she also possesses excellent tracking and intuition skills, which would prove useful to the Forest of Death.

However, he is easily intimidated and not particularly intelligent. This would be an overwhelming challenge for the written exam, especially since you don’t have the intuition to understand that the questions put to you are not meant to be answered.

3 Pass: Eren Yeager balances aggression with power


Eren would not be intimidated by the written exam, nor would he fight to confiscate the scrolls of heaven and earth from those foolish enough to oppose him during the Forest of Death.

Additionally, his titan skin and astonishing physical strength would provide massive obstacles against most of the genin he’s destined to fight (especially considering his iteration of warhammer). His physiology would make him immune to many opponents, such as Kankuro, Temari, Tenten, and most of Dosu’s team. His only major obstacles would be against Gaara, Rock Lee, and Sasuke, for their agility and destructive potential.

two Fail – Miche can’t adapt as well as Levi

Miche was considered humanity’s second most capable warrior, a title that has clearly been earned. However, despite how he humiliated Levi at the beginning of his service, he cannot adapt as well as his constituent. This was proven through Zeke’s ambush and Miche’s subsequent death.

Although his conviction and stamina would carry him through the written exam, his reliance on the ODM team and his palpable ability to be ambushed would inevitably lead to his demise. It is especially true because it cannot adapt to the many and diverse jutsu that it is destined to encounter.

1 Pass: Hange’s intelligence and skill would bring him salvation

Hange Zoe smiling in Attack on Titan

Hange was easily among the smartest members of the Scouts. Additionally, he was brilliant at designing makeshift traps, as seen through how he captured Annie Leonhart (further tested through the automatic titan-killing contraption the woman would later design).

As a result, he would pass the written exam easily and capitalize on the terrain of the Forest of Death, using it to create intricate wire traps. Her inherent abilities as an ODM user can even equip her to defeat lesser genin opponents (such as Sakura, Ino, Kin, and possibly even Tenten).

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