A job listing for a senior systems designer at Blizzard Entertainment indicates that the company is working on an unannounced multiplayer project.

According to a job listing, Blizzard Entertainment is developing an unannounced multiplayer project. The company has worked hard on various projects over the past few years, including Overwatch 2, the sequel to the much loved multiplayer FPS. At last month’s BlizzConline event, Blizzard shared important updates on that game and provided some general updates on the progress of other franchises, such as Devil. Although the company has been more open about its development practices and the progression of its franchises in recent years, it’s clear that Blizzard still likes to keep a few things under wraps.

It’s not uncommon to find hints and clues about upcoming games, projects, and franchise continuations on job listings. When hiring developers for projects that have yet to be announced, companies must strike a balance between being honest about job requirements and responsibilities while keeping the game secret. A few days ago, a job listing was shared that potentially points to a standalone multiplayer title in the universe of The last of us. Even if they aren’t interested in applying, keen-eyed fans can often get some details on upcoming titles from these listings.

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Similarly, a job list for a senior systems designer in Snow storm has provided details on a game that the company has yet to comment on. The list indicates that the company is looking for “a talented and passionate senior systems designer to design and develop core systems and mechanics for an unannounced AAA multiplayer project.“The project seems to be very early in development, as this systems designer would have to do it”analyze, launch, prototype and develop basic game mechanics. “Blizzard hopes applicants have”Extensive experience with games, including action, FPS, and online titles.” Y “a deep passion and knowledge of Blizzard franchises.“These characteristics point towards some kind of action-oriented multiplayer title, although the required live operations experience, which is often included in similar lists, is not mentioned. Senior Artist Dan John Cox posted about the list on Twitter and shared additional openings, saying the jobs are part of a “REALLY REALLY cool unannounced project.

As exciting as it may sound, the project may never see the light of day. Studios release and cancel a variety of projects that are only released to the public many years later, such as Blizzard’s canceled one. Star boat third person shooter. It is currently unknown if this game incorporates any of Blizzard’s other characters and franchises; the project is unlikely to have anything to do with Supervision or Devil, as both franchises have featured games already in development, and Supervision it is already an FPS.

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If this development project goes into production, it will be exciting to see what the company does next. Supervision it was Blizzard’s first new IP in years and was very well received, which should encourage the company to create more original content. Regardless of whether the game involves a Snow storm Whole new universe or setting and cast of characters, fans are sure to be interested in the next big announcement from the development powerhouse.

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Source: Snow storm, Dan John Cox / Twitter

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