Paradox has announced that the crime simulation / strategy game Empire of Sin is coming to Xbox Game Pass for consoles and PC on March 18.

Xbox Game Pass get even more content this month as Empire of sin it will be added to service next week. Empire of sin is a simulation / strategy game set during the Prohibition era, in an experience that is like a gangster version of XCOM.

The objective of Empire of sin is to become the main gangster in Chicago, which can be done in many ways. The player is a thief, so he does not have to follow the rules. This means that directly assassinating the opposition is an option, but diplomatic and economic solutions to problems can also be found. The player takes control of the legendary gangsters of history, each with their own abilities and special attributes that are needed to ensure victory. Empire of sin was criticized at launch for a number of bugs and balance issues that were present in the game, although many of them have since been patched.

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March is already a great month for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, as 20 Bethesda / id games were added to the service earlier this week. A new game will join Xbox Game Pass next week, as announced by Paradox Interactive during its PDX Insider event that Empire of sin is coming to Xbox Game Pass on March 18.

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Empire of Sin preview logo

Empire of sin It will be available on Xbox Game Pass for consoles and PC. It will not be available in the cloud version of Xbox Game Pass at this time. The developer of Empire of sin revealed that he has been listening to fan feedback and is working on even more updates for the game, including removing exploits in the game, as well as applying much-needed bug fixes and adding quality improvements to the game. lifetime. Empire of sin You will also receive DLC content in the future. Based on what the developer of Empire of sin He said Screen Rant In the past, the DLC will likely expand to other parts of the country.

Xbox Game Pass has received a host of high-profile content this month, including several games on the Doom, Fallout, Y Ancient documents Serie. Empire of sin Coming to Game Pass feels like a smaller announcement, but Xbox Game Pass strategy fans should definitely check it out, especially since several of the issues that plagued the game at launch have been resolved.

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Empire of sin comes to Xbox Game Pass for consoles and PC on March 18, 2020.

Source: Paradox Interactive

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