Despite recent rumors, a massive DC crossover event featuring new superheroes is not planned for the upcoming Season 6 in Fortnite.

With a new season on the horizon Fortnite The leakers have put an end to rumors that suggested a new round of DC heroes arriving in season 6. The next chapter will begin in a few days, and Epic Games has already revealed the first details of the next epic ending. However, what comes next with the new season is still unknown.

Chapter 2 Season 6 is about to begin in Fortnite on March 16 with an epic conclusion to all the strange events of the current season. Agent Jones’ journey through universes and realities will come to an end in the so-called Zero Crisis Finale. Interestingly, it will be a single player experience, starting automatically every time a player returns to Fortnite during Season 6. Players should also note that there are only a few days left to complete the remaining challenges and earn cosmetic rewards, which will be lost forever once Season 6 begins.

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Fortnite Fans were expecting a massive DC crossover in the upcoming season 6, much like the Marvel IP that invaded the game in season 4. The event culminated in a battle against Galactus and a similar ending with the DC heroes. joining forces against Darkseid could have been a strong response to that. Interestingly, some recent rumors suggested that a DC crossover in season 6 could be one thing. It has already been officially confirmed that Fortnite / Batman: Zero Point The comics will arrive next month, which means it could follow a large-scale in-game event. Unfortunately for DC fans, this is not the case. According to the borrower Fortnite TaborTimeYT filter (via ChinaBR on Twitter), Season 6 doesn’t have a single trace of DC-themed content. As revealed by the comics announcement, there will be some Dark Knight-based cosmetics and skins for existing characters. However, there won’t be a massive event throughout the season like Nexus War or any new DC heroes.

The anticipated season 5 finale will take an unexpected turn towards a single-player experience, effectively solving one of the key problems of Fortniteend of season. Previously, players could miss out on such massive experiences because the number of people wanting to participate exceeded the capacity of the server. As a result, some players had to watch the final events on Twitch or YouTube, unable to experience the epic moments for themselves. Fortunately, the Season 5 finale is playable only each time a player starts the game for the first time during Season 6. In other words, the event is no longer limited by a specific date or time.

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Despite high hopes for a massive crossover, DC fans are left with nothing on Fortnite Season 6, except for a handful of Batman-themed skins that come alongside April’s comics. However, the timing could have been perfect, as Zack Snyder’s upcoming premiere League of Justice it comes just a couple of days after season 6 begins in Fortnite. Combining these two events would have been a brilliant idea. Hopefully the leaks are wrong and an exciting DC The crossover event is still coming to Epic’s battle royale.

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Source: ChinaBR / Twitter

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