In WandaVision, Mind Stone increased Scarlet Witch’s powers. But how strong would Wanda have been without exposure to that Infinity Stone?

WandaVision revealed that Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch, had some level of power throughout her life, but the question that remains is how powerful she was before the Mind Stone changed her. Since Scarlet Witch’s debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron, it has become clear that Wanda is one of the most powerful superheroes in the MCU. But WandaVision altered her origin story by giving fans a taste of Wanda’s powers years before she knew what an Infinity Stone was.

WandaVisionThe penultimate episode took the audience on a trip back in time through Wanda’s traumatic past with Agatha. The couple travel through Wanda’s memories to the day a Stark Industries bomb destroyed her home in Sokovia, killed her parents, and trapped her and her brother Pietro for two days. Wanda had always believed that the pump was defective and a cruel twist of fate was all that kept her and Pietro alive. Looking back at that memory, he saw pain and tragedy. But Agatha saw a young budding witch with sheer talent.

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Like a seasoned sorceress, Agatha easily saw that Wanda stopped the bomb with a probability spell. This is a huge reveal in itself: Wanda could perform magic without even actively trying. That proves that Wanda was always immensely powerful, even before the Mind Stone was part of the equation. She simply never had the motivation to release and focus that power until the events of WandaVision.

Wanda’s Scarlet Witch’s fate was apparently always set.

WandaVision Episode 8 Scarlet Witch In Mind Stone

The prophecy Agatha shared of the Darkhold implies that it was always Wanda’s destiny to become the Scarlet Witch. WandaVisionThe series finale revealed that Agatha incessantly snooped and snooped into Wanda’s life because she had long suspected that Wanda was capable of chaos magic, turning her into the Scarlet Witch. Agatha studied the chapter on the Scarlet Witch in Darkhold and eventually shared with Wanda what was written about her in the Book of the Damned. Darkhold declared that the Scarlet Witch is not born, but is forged. Unlike other witches, she does not need a coven or enchantments.

The Scarlet Witch was created by circumstance. For Wanda, that came from moments of emotional and physical trauma from watching her parents die and being exposed to the Mind Stone. While Darkhold writes that the Scarlet Witch does not need to rely on a coven or enchantment, this shows that she never had to learn magic because it was always within her. Those traumatic moments in Wanda’s life forced magic to flow from her. The events of WandaVision It shows how powerful that magic became without Wanda trying. This shows that it was always Wanda’s destiny to become the mighty Scarlet Witch.

Explanation of the powers of the early years of the Scarlet Witch

WandaVision Episode 8 - Wanda casts a probability hex

WandaVision He showed the public just a small taste of young Wanda’s powers, but that scene in her apartment all those years ago was enough to show just how powerful she was at that age. Every previous magic demonstration in the MCU showed the magic user making a deliberate effort to cast a spell. With Wanda, it came naturally to her as a reflection. The difference in the way Wanda cast her magic was due to the fact that she uses Chaos Magic, which has never been seen in the MCU before. Previous magic users in the MCU, like Doctor Strange, cast magic through deliberate spells. But Wanda’s magic comes out of her during the moments of greatest emotion, and the first example of this is saving her and Pietro from the bomb. This was meant to show that Wanda’s powers are nothing like the ones the MCU has ever seen before.

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The MCU confirmed how Scarlet Witch had powers

Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch in Age Of Ultron

The MCU confirmed that Wanda was born with powers in an unorthodox way: a book. The Wakanda Archives, which are presented as Black PantherShuri’s collection of notes on the world of the Avengers. Within this book, Shuri documented detailed notes on the Infinity Stones, taking a special interest in Wanda and the Mind Stone. Shuri noted that Hydra decided to use the Sokovians for their Mind Stone experiments while observing a series of genetic abnormalities among the Sokovians. This ultimately led Shuri to the conclusion that Wanda and Pietro’s powers are biological in nature, technically making them mutants. As Wanda already had a certain level of power from a young age, she was always genetically equipped to wield the enhanced powers that the Mind Stone would bring.

Could Wanda have become powerful without the Mind Stone?

WandaVision Episode 8 Scarlet Witch In Mind Stone Eye Reflection

The Mind Stone awakened Wanda’s existing latent powers. WandaVision made it clear that he exhibited powers at a young age, long before exposure to the Mind Stone. That’s because those powers came from the magic that lived within her as a witch. Chaos magic is ancient, and according to the comics, Wanda was moved by that magic since she was born. Chaos magic is defined as the ability to manipulate and reconstruct reality. She proved that with the raw talent she used to stop the bomb in her childhood apartment. That proves that she was always destined to be powerful. Had he had the proper training, he probably would have learned to properly wield his chaos magic at a younger age. Wanda was always destined to become the Scarlet Witch, so the Mind Stone wasn’t going to change that. It might have altered his powers a bit, but that magic was always there. The Infinity Stone is what finally moved that magic forward.

But his encounter with the Mind Stone is what set an important element of his destiny in motion: becoming one of the most powerful heroes on Earth. The Avengers are closely tied to the Infinity Stones, so Wanda would never have joined their ranks if she hadn’t participated in those Mind Stone experiments as a teenager. Becoming an Avenger changed his life for better or for worse. She found love with Vision, but she also experienced some of the deepest traumas of her life with the loss of him and Pietro. Being an Avenger shaped the person she would eventually become. WandaVision proved that Wanda was always destined to become the Scarlet Witch, she was always destined to become one of the most powerful beings in the universe. The journey would simply have looked a little different without the Mind Stone.

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