In the latest issue of Marvel’s Eternals, the mighty Ikaris just made an epic attack on the cosmic-powered Silver Surfer.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Eternals # 3

In Marvel Comics’ Eternal, Thanos The Mad Titan has declared war on immortal beings, but the Eternals themselves have also just declared war on Silver surfer fans. Despite the Prime Eternal Zuras dying more permanently than the Eternals, the mighty Ikaris has strangely chosen to protect a seemingly insignificant human child he has seen in a vision. As such, the boy’s parents are extremely confused, leading to a rather wild dig at the Silver Surfer made by the mother (and Ikaris himself).

So far, in writer Kieron Gillen’s series with art by Esad Ribić, the Eternals are fighting to form alliances after Zuras’s death, and trust is running low. While Ikaris barely escaped a fight with Thanos in issue two thanks to Sprite’s help, he later joins a coalition led by Sersi to repair the Great Machine of the Eternals. They are also determined to find out what Eternal might have turned into a traitor and helped Thanos kill Zuras. However, Ikaris makes the decision to walk away from this alliance in order to find the boy of his vision known as Toby Robson, a 13-year-old boy who apparently dies due to his apparent failure in the future.

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Finding Toby in Eternals # 3, the boy’s parents are naturally puzzled as to why there is a superhero hovering over their house. Concerned about the possible loss of property values, the Robsons finally invited Ikaris inside to learn more. While Ikaris doesn’t have much information to provide, he vows to be Toby’s guardian, hoping to prevent whatever it is that might cause the boy’s death. However, Toby’s mother still has questions, leading to a pretty bad burn and a joke at the Silver Surfer’s expense on the subject.

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While Toby’s mother is not as clear on Silver Surfer’s status as a cosmic hero, her belief that surfers in general cannot be trusted is quite hilarious due to her apparent extension to one of the greatest and most powerful beings. from Marvel. Furthermore, the issue also reveals that Ikaris is inclined to agree with her, finding the surfer’s use of a board to fly as “pretentious”. It should also be noted that the Silver Surfer has done nothing in recent numbers to deserve such mistrust, but he is getting it anyway.

Regardless, the slaughter and surge in Eternos death continues, and it is revealed that a large portion of their Polaria-based numbers have been slaughtered by the end of the issue. With the Great Machine still in disarray, no Eternal can come back to life, and the world is in danger too. Is this vision of Toby Robson a ruse to keep Ikaris out of the coming conflict, or is Toby more than meets the eye? Fans will just have to wait and see how this new Eternal continues from Marvel Comics, although it seems doubtful that the appearance of Silver surfer it will happen soon.

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