Heroes Reborn will replace the Avengers with a DC Justice League pastiche. In this new story, Marvel’s Wonder Woman killed two Avengers.

Marvel Comics reality will soon be turned upside down for its epic Heroes reborn event, which will see a world in which the Avengers They never became the most powerful heroes on Earth, instead being replaced by the Supreme Squad of America, a collection of characters that Marvel has traditionally used to very directly pastiche DC characters like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Now in a variant cover to be released on April 21. Captain Marvel # 28, it is revealed that Marvel’s Wonder Woman, Power Princess, actually killed two Avengers.

While fans still don’t know how it will happen, Heroes reborn will see reality rewritten so that the Avengers never formed. But this is not just a new status quo, it is a completely new story, so the covers of selected Marvel variants leading up to the event will share key moments of this new reality, establishing the great feats that brought the Supreme Squad to power. In this world, Tony Stark never built his first armor, Thor never became worthy of his hammer, and Captain America was never freed from the ice, but these heroes were still born, and many needed to dissuade them from their fate in a more lethal way than others. .

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Carlos Pacheco Captain Marvel The variant cover depicts a key moment from Power Princess’ past where she appears to have killed some well-known Avengers heroes and villains. Standing triumphantly on Staten Island, Power Princess is shown surrounded by petrified versions of Fin Fang Foom and Thor’s villain Ulik the Troll, as well as the heroes Hercules and Tigra. While DC and Marvel often parody each other’s characters, the Supreme Squad is Marvel’s most direct reference to the Justice League, so it’s reasonable to assume that following signs of Wonder Woman’s ties to the Greek mythology, Power Princess harnessed the power of Medusa to rid her of these challengers. She even seems to have taken the nickname Hercules, the Prince of Power, for herself, as the scene is titled, “Goddess of Power.”

Power Princess Heroes Reborn

Hercules is an ancient being with a long legacy of heroism, so it makes sense that he is one of the Avengers who followed his ancient path more closely. It is not so clear why Tigra would have faced Power Princess (or was attacked by her), but this is probably a reference to Wonder Woman’s villain Cheetah, one of the antagonists of Wonder Woman 1984 and a DC character whose powers and design are similar to Marvel’s Tigra. The inclusion of Fin Fang Foom and Ulik helps clarify how a world without the Avengers has survived so long – these are threats that Avenger Thor has faced many times, so it’s clear that Power Princess has dealt with the Marvel’s most mythical problems in his absence. .

One of the things that sets the Avengers Supreme Squad apart in Jason Aaron’s Ongoing. Avengers running is their nationalism. Under the command of Phil Coulson (himself a puppet of the diabolical Mephisto), the Squad protects America, leaving the rest of the world to its fate. So it’s sadly fitting that the Power Princess watershed moment happens on Staten Island, with heroes and villains seemingly slain as they set foot across the country. This is a moment that showcases the Power Princess abilities, but also one that shows her militant mentality and willingness to kill based on her stated mission rather than any personal morality.

Heroes reborn # 1 (from Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness) will be released on May 5, but Marvel is clearly keen to show readers just how deep their new story is first. Snapshots like this don’t just communicate Marvel’s nature Wonder Woman, but the deaths of two heroic Avengers helps explain how the new timeline of Heroes reborn came to be. Hercules and Tigra are probably not the last Avengers fall into this reality, but hopefully the next victims of Power Princess will at least have a chance to defend themselves.

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