Outriders shares more than a few storyline similarities with BioWare’s Mass Effect, but it quickly turns into something much darker and braver.

The sci-fi shooter from People Can Fly Outriders share DNA with many other games – Destination, Anthem, Y The division, to name a few. But another game Outriders bears a striking resemblance to, at least in its initial moments, the BioWare version Massive effect.

While sci-fi shooters have been a penny a dozen for years, they all have their own unique flavor. Massive effect is mostly optimistic in his outlook on the future, taking a page out of the Star trek-Sci-fi storytelling style. In its opening hours, Outriders seeks to take a similar route, putting players in the role of a member of an elite military organization dedicated to protecting humanity while trying to make a home among the stars.

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Not exactly a single premise, but where Outriders The difference is how quickly the game changes so brilliantly, Massive effect-As a future for a darker tone, in the trenches. Outriders At first he embraces a hopeful outlook on the future, only to have it all collapse.

Outriders initially mimic Mass Effect, only to drop a bait and switch

Explanation of the ending of the Outriders

Outriders’ The story involves the remains of humanity traveling aboard a colony ship. Earth has been decimated, and these human settlers have finally found a lush alien world called Enoch that has the potential to be a new home for humanity. Players start the game among the first people to set foot on Enoch, making sure the shoreline is clear to begin colonization efforts. Enoch is a vibrant planet, full of greenery and sunlight. Scientists and researchers comment on Enoch’s potential as a home, in awe of the alien wonders that surround them. The future of humanity looks bright.

It’s not that different from the story of Massive effect. In the beloved BioWare series, humanity began its journey to the stars by discovering alien technology on Mars, which eventually led to interstellar travel and interactions with alien species. Although there are conflicts, the differences between species are largely resolved and peace is the norm. The players are Commander Shepard, a Wraith, a defender not only of humanity but of the galaxy as a whole. Science and technology have made the universe a better place. Humanity has flourished, and although the Reapers threaten to end it all, everyday life in the Massive effect the universe feels like something out of Star trek.

At first glance, players could almost mistake the first hour of Outriders have a Massive effect cleave. It shares more than a few visual similarities to the BioWare franchise. The armor that the main character wears at the beginning of the game almost looks like the N7 armor, while the giant vehicle transports look awfully similar to Mass Effect’s Mako. And there are also similarities in the game: both games are coverage-based shooter games in which players choose a class and have special abilities.

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But that’s where the similarities quickly end. Unlike Massive effect, any sense of optimism or hope in Outriders is dotted in record time. It’s not a twist, per se, but the shape Outriders it casts its bright, tech-induced future by a low-tech aesthetic and in the mud it’s almost jarring. It turns out that Enoch is home to a massive storm called “The anomaly“That causes advanced technology to stop working. The plan to colonize the planet quickly falls apart, resulting in the destruction of the colony’s ship and most of its inhabitants. The survivors are left scrambling for scraps and scraps. Rival factions soon engage in brutal resource warfare. Gone are the lush forests, replaced by muddy trenches, trenches, and barbed wire. The combat is bloody and messy as enemies are blown to pieces or reduced to skeletons. through psychic powers, and that’s only in the first game of the game, few hours.

It remains to be seen how the story of Outriders It will unfold, but it is unlikely to be a story of coexistence, peace, and stability. Considering how closely it mimics the more optimistic sci-fi futures like Massive effect Before revealing the ugly truth, it’s almost like Outriders he is trying to lure players into a false sense of security in his initial moments. If that was the goal, it is certainly effective.

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Outriders arrives on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5 on April 1, 2021.

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