Annie of the Stars will finally make her Skullgirls debut. Here’s what you need to know about the main game’s first new character in six years.

After six long years, Annie of the Stars is finally making her big debut in Skull girls. Fans have eagerly awaited her arrival since she lost her character spot in Indiegogo’s initial campaign in 2013. Annie made her first playable appearance on the Skull girls mobile game in 2020 and now, she will hit the main game.

In-universe, Annie (and her remote parasite, Sagan) is a celebrity with her own show, “Annie of the Stars,” on which she has appeared for several generations. She is able to do this thanks to her mother using the Skull Heart to make Annie eternally young. Therefore, he maintains a youthful 15-year-old appearance while starring in shows.

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In the game, Annie mainly plays as a race to the bottom with many tools to open the opponent. Annie also possesses a move set similar to that of the shoto characters, with projectiles, lariats, and reversal options. Although she is apparently a straightforward fighting game character, players shouldn’t underestimate Annie of the Stars.

Notable normals

Annie has a couple of command normals that can help her mix up her strings. Andromeda (6MP) is a permanent attack that opponents must block low. Upon striking, the opponent is put into a brief staggering state where Annie can do whatever she wants. Luminous supergiant (6HP) is a large overhead slash that opponents must block high. Annie can turn this into a full combo as long as she lands this move in the corner or has the proper assist. In midair, Annie can hover with MK, as long as she holds the button down. This can be useful to overcome the incessant spam of projectiles on the ground.

Special moves

Half moon cut is Annie’s basic fireball, which travels on the ground, similar to Gunflame from Sol Badguy. Depending on the version used, the projectile will travel through 30, 60, or 100 percent of the screen. The HP version is quite large and scrolls quite slowly. This can be used to allow Annie to get closer to the opponent while blocking the projectile.

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North Knuckle It’s a move that Annie seems to borrow from Futy fatalTerry Bogard. Annie delivers a devastating punch that delivers two hits. The second hit will always send the opponent flying full screen, which can be disadvantageous depending on the situation. The LP and MP versions cover 30 and 50 percent of the screen respectively. The HP version will travel almost 90 percent of the screen and could be used to catch opponents off guard.

Pillar of destruction it’s basically Annie’s Shoryuken. It has the typical dragon strike entry and is a completely invincible reversal. Players should use this when they want to return. If the HP version lands in the corner, Annie will be able to turn it into a full combo.

Speaking of combos, Re-entry is essential to Annie’s combo game. This movement is a divekick that goes from different angles depending on the button pressed. Like North Knuckle, the movement goes further the heavier the button. Additionally, Reentry can be performed up to three times in a row in blocking or hitting. Note that this move is not an overhead, so opponents can block this move by squatting.

Annie also has a taunt in which she offers her opponent a handshake. If Annie is hit during initial startup, she will perform a one-inch hit counter.

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Compared to the rest of the cast, Annie has a lot of supers up her sleeve. Your first level one, Sagan beam, is a typical super beam that travels full screen. It can also be performed in midair and does decent damage. Meteor strike it’s another level that Annie has at her disposal. This move is a full-screen stab that has invincibility frames on startup. Fan familiar with Marvel vs. Capcom I can think of it as Spencer’s bionic arm in terms of use. Pillar of creation It is a super level two that summons a pillar of cosmic energy underneath the opponent. The pillar follows the opponent, but only on the ground.

Star power It is Annie’s one-of-a-kind super installation. It takes a meter to start, but when used, all of Annie’s normal movements fire small projectiles of stars. This is useful not only for pressure, but also for combo extensions, as the stars will allow for additional hits that are generally not possible. The only downside to this is that it continually drains the meter until Annie finishes it, or runs out of meter.

Annie can take down Star Power using Gravity collapse (another level one super where Annie unleashes energy around her) or Photo Bop, a super that uses the rest of its metric (minimum three) to give the opponent an autograph. Despite how silly it sounds, the super does massive damage. Y puts the opponent in a staggering state. Finally, Annie’s super level three is Gravity slingshot. With this, Annie throws her sword at the opponent, constantly dealing damage to them. As the sword spins, Annie can get closer and attack normally.

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