The Resident Evil series used consumable ink ribbons to save the game, but they were likely replaced due to multiplayer entries in the franchise.

the Demonic resident The series once required the player to use Ink Ribbon elements on typewriters to save the game. These were phased out over time, although they are still referenced later. Demonic resident games.

First Demonic resident it was located entirely inside the Spencer Mansion, which had several old typewriters scattered around the building. The only way the player could save the game was by using Ink Ribbon elements on these typewriters, which meant only a finite number of saves. Each ink ribbon took up an entire inventory space, but they were easy to put into storage boxes as they were almost always placed in the same room as a typewriter. The series continued to use Ink Ribbons until Resident Evil 4, when they were discarded as usable items. The player still needed to visit typewriters to save, but they didn’t need to use ink ribbons and could save as many times as they wanted.

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Ink ribbons and typewriters made sense when used in the setting of an old mansion, but it seemed like the series only kept them as a throwback to the first game. The ink ribbons were eventually removed except for a brief return in the remake of Resident Evil 2.

Why Resident Evil Ink Ribbons For Later Games Were Cut

Resident Evil 2 Typewriter

Ink ribbons were a frustrating mechanic. The finite savings amount was made redundant by the fact that the player always received more Ink Ribbons than they would need. Ink ribbons taking up an entire inventory space also add to the annoying throwback that plagued previous entries in the series. Resident Evil 4 switched to an action gameplay style, which meant inventory management was no longer an issue, so there was no reason to include Ink Ribbons.

The biggest reason ink ribbons were removed was probably the multiplayer mode. Bad resident 5 Y 6 they were cooperative games, so it would not have been feasible to include limited save points. Instead, these games used the traditional saved checkpoints. Resident Evil 7 he regained save points, but used tape recorders instead of typewriters, to suit the theme of playing cassettes and VHS tape recordings.

The ink ribbons have not completely disappeared from the Demonic resident Serie. Typewriters were used as save points in the Resident Evil 2 The remake Hardcore difficulty, complete with its usual finite uses. However, they did not appear in the Resident Evil 3 remake, leaving RE2 as a last tribute to the early days of the Demonic resident Serie.

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