The CW Arrowverse needs another Crisis crossover event to acknowledge the shifting continuity and allow the shows to merge.

The CW Arrowverse need another Crisis level crossing event to establish the new era of the franchise. DC’s shared small-screen universe has hosted several massive crossover events over the years, though the pandemic put the pauses on another event in 2020, resulting in shows that, while still entertaining, may feel less connected than before. , one of the main appeals of the Arrowverse.

The last crossing Crisis on Infinite Earths, saw massive changes to the Arrowverse after its battle with Anti-Monitor, such as the death of Oliver Queen and the merger of several different realities on Earth-Prime. It was the largest-scale crossover event for the Arrowverse yet, and it seemed to set the standard for what these crossovers might be capable of.

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The Arrowverse is currently undergoing a kind of evolution. Supergirl Y Black Lightning are running out, with Superman and Lois promising to highlight the CW version of the man of steel and his fledgling family. There is also a new Batwoman in the guise of Ryan Wilder, who so far has not crossed paths with any other Arrowverse heroes. With all these changes in mind, it’s the best time for the new era to be established with these interacting characters, allowing those potentially leaving the franchise to say their final farewells and allowing people like Wilder to develop new ties to the extended world. from Arrowverse.

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One of the simplest pleasures of the Arrowverse has been watching it evolve from the brave street-level adventures of Arrow, into the fully blossomed, sometimes outright insane adventures of brilliant and super-powered heroes like The flash and the Legends of tomorrow. Even when a single CW show is undergoing a creative hiatus, crossovers tend to energize both cast and crew, upping their game for what they know to be event episodes.

It’s also always fun to watch the new characters interact with veterans of the Arrowverse, to see how certain characters who don’t usually spend a lot of time together bounce off each other. The relationship between Barry and Oliver added important layers to both characters, particularly Oliver, who always seemed to discover his dry wit in Barry’s company.

the Arrowverse you are at a kind of tipping point. Arrow has left the stage, with Supergirl Y Black Lightning soon to follow. Superman and Lois Y Batwoman they’re ready to breathe new life into the nearly decade-long continuity, and seeing them interact with the likes of Flash and Sara Lance would certainly be a treat. TO CrisisThe level-crossing event would give newer characters a chance to shine among the veterans and advance the overall story of the Arrowverse once again.

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