For readers looking for a cultural mismatch, these books contain snippets of Western inspiration that make them a bit different from the rest.

The ‘light novel’ medium has become increasingly popular over the years, receiving tons of anime adaptations. Isekai is the most popular genre of novels, although other genres have also managed to capture the attention of readers. Not surprisingly, with so many different novels, some use Western influence in their story and characters.

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For readers looking for a cultural mismatch, these books contain snippets of Western inspiration that make them slightly different from normal stories.

10 My next life as a villain All roads lead to doom! It’s set in a European-inspired world

My next life as a villain

Anime fans probably already saw this due to the setting of My next life as a villain. A Japanese girl is reincarnated in a world as the daughter of a duke in a mansion and a world of European inspiration.

She must learn to change her destiny so that she is not killed by any of the love interests in the game. To do this, she accidentally ends up making everyone around her, including the protagonist Maria, fall in love with her.

9 The Nameless Memory focuses on European-inspired royalty

Nameless memory

Oscar is looking for a witch named Azure in Nameless memory, and when he meets her, he proposes to her. The witch named Tinasah accepts the proposal, which pushes that couple into the dark secrets of their past.

This comes in the form of a lover from the past who seeks to destroy Oscar’s kingdom. The only question is whether Oscar will have to kill his newfound love or if there is still a way to save her in this European-inspired royalty-centric novel.

8 The lead of “I swear I won’t bother you again!” It is inspired by European nobility

I swear I won't bother you again!

I swear I won’t bother you again! is a light novel that draws on the time travel trope to help its story. Violette is a European-inspired noblewoman who is imprisoned after attacking her sister due to growing jealousy.

However, depending on fate, instead of serving her sentence, she is teleported to an early point in her life. This gives Violette the opportunity to rebuild her life and make decisions that will not land her in jail.

7 86 Eighty-six uses western military tactics

86 moves away from fantasy to present readers with a world engulfed in war. The problem is that the war is supposedly fought between robots rather than real humans, which is false propaganda made by the government.

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The soldiers of this war come from an unknown 86th district where the residents are sent to die in the war. The story, like most, draws its inspiration from military units around the world, heavily influenced by Western tactics.

6 Monster Girl Doctor is set in a world inspired by Italy

monster musume oishasan mermaid

Dr. Glenn and his assistant Lamia Sapphee run a monster clinic around the world that seems very inspired by parts of Europe, especially Italy. The couple is unique in that Glenn is a human and one of the only members of his species who works in monster medicine.

The two of them make home visits to the nation’s sick monsters and help with each and every affliction. There is also a romantic undertone, as Sapphee is crazy about the doctor.

5 The Tanya the Evil saga unfolds in an alternate Germany

The saga of Tanya the Evil is an isekai war story about a businessman who becomes a girl who is born and serves the alternative Germany. He ends up fighting in the army using a combination of magic and technology and quickly rises through the ranks.

However, Tanya is a ruthless girl and her methods of training her troops are cruel. She is also extremely adept at fighting, giving her the ability to easily take out the humans around her.

4 In “The Wandering Witch Elaina’s Journey”, the leader explores European-style countries

Wandering witch became even more popular when an anime adaptation showed the unique version of the series’ story. The books follow a girl named Elaina as she travels to different countries, experiencing unique cultures, many of them inspired by older European concepts.

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The book has tons of independent stories, many of which put Elaina in the back seat. Elaina is the storyteller and the humans she meets are the focus of her stories.

3 Banished from the feast of heroes I decided to live a quiet life in the country It is inspired by western folklore

Banished from the hero party, I decided to live a quiet life in the country

This takes a lot of narrative material from western folklore and molds it into the setting of Banished from the hero party world. The main character, Red, is left alone after the party that betrayed him.

With nothing else to do, she decided she was going to open a western-style herbal pharmacy. However, according to fate, a girl named Rit suddenly appears and wants Red to marry her.

two Spice & Wolf is set in a fantasy world inspired by Europe

Spice and wolf It is a famous series that unfortunately never finished adapting its anime. The story centers on Holo The Wish Wolf and a merchant named Lawrence who team up to fight their way to riches in a fantasy land similar to Europe.

The two venture into various towns, expand their business, and begin to fall in love throughout the series of novels. Eventually, they even have a son who has his own light novel.

1 The Eminence in Shadow has a similar feel to Western RPGs

The Eminence in the Shadow

The Eminence in the Shadow is an action packed isekai that follows a character named Sid who just wanted a peaceful life. Try to do this by inventing your own imaginary enemy and then recruiting a group.

It turns out that the enemy Sid thought he invented actually exists in the world, and now he has hired a group of professional adventurers to help him destroy them. The story is heavily inspired by European themes like royalty and has the same feel as western RPGs.

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