Supervillains will generally be located in the rogues gallery of the superhero in whose series they debuted; His first appearance is used to establish animosity, then if readers like the villain enough, they will be back in no time. It’s a proven formula that has ruled superhero storytelling for decades.

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However, this is not always the case; sometimes a villain will appear first as a hero’s antagonist and then migrate to a different series. TV Tropes he has called this phenomenon “the rogue gallery transplant” and it is one of the most frequently seen in comics.

10 Vermin debuted against Captain America and then fought Spider-Man

Vermin was created by writer JM DeMatteis and artist Mike Zeck during their career in Captain America; It was once transformed into a rat-like monster by geneticist Edward Whelan, Baron Zemo, and Arnim Zola. After being defeated by Cap, the two returned to fight in Marvel team # 128 (by DeMatteis & Kerry Gammill); this time, Vermin was defeated with the help of Spider-Man. Since then, Vermin has become more of a Spider-Man villain than a Captain America villain; DeMatteis and Zeck used it again during their 6-part Spider-Man epic, “Kraven’s Last Hunt.”

9 The Shade first fought the Flash, but is most famous for fighting Starman.

The Shade is one of the oldest villains in the DC Universe; created by Gardner Fox and Hal Sharp, debuted in Flash comics # 33 as enemy of Jay Garrick, the Flash of the Golden Age; he later returned in the Silver Age for Fox & Carmine Infantino’s iconic story “Flash Of Two Worlds,” battling Garrick and Earth-1’s Flash, Barry Allen.

The villain who controls the darkness is still associated with the Flash, appearing in Unlimited justice league and The CW’s The flash. However, his most famous comic role was in James Robinson. Star man; the first Starman (Ted Knight) had been an enemy of the Shades, but became something of a mentor to the second, Ted’s son Jack.

8 The Floronic Man rebounded before becoming one of Swamp Thing’s main enemies.

Jason Woodrue the floronic man

It took Jason Woodrue a while to settle into a hero’s rogues gallery. He debuted alongside Ray Palmer in Atom # 1 (Gardner Fox & Gil Kane) later became the Floronic Man in The flash No. 245 (Cary Bates and Irv Novick). After battles with the Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and the Justice League, Woodrue finally found her niche with the help of Alan Moore.

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On Moore and Stephen Bisette Swamp Thing Saga # 21 (“Anatomy Lesson”) Woodrue is hired by Avery Sunderland to investigate an inert and supposedly dead swamp thing. Woodrue discovers that Swamp Thing is do not Alec Holland was transformed into a vegetable being, but a vegetable creature with the memories of the dead of Holland. By freeing Swamp Thing and informing him of this truth, Woodrue becomes the villain of the first Moore and Bisette arc. Since then, Floronic Man has primarily fought Swamp Thing, because they are natural contrasts: Woodrue is a man trying to be a plant, and Swamp Thing is a plant wanting to be a man.

7 Mystique first appeared in “Ms. Marvel,” but is now definitely an X-Men villain.

Mystique was created by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum while the team of writers and artists worked on Mrs. Marvel, and thus debuted as an opponent of Carol Danvers. After Claremont began writing the resurgent X Men, brought back Mystique; her return appearance on “Days Of Future Past” had her lead a new formation of the Brotherhood of Mutants.

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Since then, Mystique has undoubtedly become an X-Men villain. All of his closest relationships in the Marvel universe, including those of his adopted daughter Rogue and son Nightcrawler, are with his fellow mutants. She has also appeared in almost all X Men adaptation, from animation to film.

6 The Purple Man started out as a reckless villain, but is now Jessica Jones’ arch nemesis

Zebediah Killgrave, the mind-controlling purple-skinned supervillain, first appeared as Daredevil’s enemy. Similar to Woodrue in DC, Killgrave bounced between different villains; During the 20th century, its most famous appearance was in Avengers story “Emperor Doom”, where he was just a pawn of the real titular villain.

This changed after the turn of the millennium; Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos’ Alias, Jessica Jones’ debut appearance revealed that the heroine had fallen under Killgrave’s control, and it was this episode that ended her superhero career. From Netflix Jessica jones, Based on Alias, featured Purple Man (known only as “Kilgrave”) as the villain from its first season.

5 Vandal Savage was once just a Green Lantern villain, but now he’s in bigger leagues

Created by Alfred Bester and Martin Nodell, the immortal Vandal Savage debuted as a unique Alan Scott villain, the first Green Lantern. Years later, in Robert Kanigher All Star Comics # 37, resurfaces as a member of the Injustice Society. During much of Pre-Crisis In DC history, Savage remains an enemy of the Justice Society.

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Mail-CrisisHowever, with the stories and worlds of JSA and JL merging, Savage has not since limited himself to a vendetta against one group or individual. It is more accurate to describe him as a villain of the DC universe as a whole, reflected by his appearance in Young Justice as the head of the villain alliance “La Luz”.

4 Solomon Grundy is another former Green Lantern villain who now threatens the entire DC universe

Solomon Grundy followed the same path as Vandal Savage; Created by Bester and Paul Reinman as Alan Scott’s adversary, the undead villain (once known as Cyrus Gold) has been unleashed, less villain for a specific hero than for the entire DC Universe. Although not in the same league as Savage, Grundy has threatened Superman, Green Arrow, and the Justice League.

There have been attempts to link him to Batman, but Grundy is seen far too often elsewhere to be counted exclusively as a Batman villain.

3 Deathstroke is a great Teen Titans villain, but he’s fighting Batman more these days

A more successful addition of an established villain to Batman’s rogues gallery has been Deathstroke. Debuting in Marv Wolfman and George Pérez The New Teen Titans, Slade Wilson was initially regarded as the arch enemy of Dick Grayson. In recent years, however, he graduated from Robin to the Bat, frequently clashing with the Dark Knight. When The batman still starring Ben Affleck, Deathstroke was going to be his villain.

Although some criticize it as a cynical branding exercise, there is a reason for it; Batman doesn’t have many villains who pose a physical threat to him, and since Deathstroke is also primarily based on athletics and gadgets, duels between the two are always exciting.

two Sabretooth was once a minor villain of Iron Fist, now he is Wolverine’s arch nemesis.

Sabretooth X-Men

Victor Creed is another Claremont-created villain who was imported into the X-Men. Debuting in Iron fist # 14 by Claremont and John Byrne, Creed faced Iron Fist multiple times. However, in 1986’s “Mutant Massacre”, he appeared as an employee of Mister Sinister and was revealed to be a mutant. Since then, Sabretooth’s history with Iron Fist has been practically forgotten; now, he’s Wolverine’s nemesis. Creed makes a better contrast to Logan than ever to Danny Rand; As Wolverine represses his savagery, Sabretooth hugs him.

1 Kingpin started out as a Spider-Man villain, but his rivalry with Daredevil is even greater

Marvel Daredevil Return Of The King Daredevil Kingpin Alliance

Easily the most famous instance of this phenomenon is how the Kingpin went from being a recurring Spider-Man villain to Daredevil’s arch nemesis. When Frank Miller took over Reckless, brought in a gritty and black atmosphere, part of that involved getting rid of a lot of Daredevil’s villains for more realistic gangsters. For the book’s main villain, Miller brought in the Kingpin; Their rivalry comes to a head in “Born Again”, when Fisk discovers the identity of Matt Murdock and makes life to the devil.

Now, Fisk still appears frequently in Spiderman media, but his rivalry with Daredevil undoubtedly has more bad blood on both sides. In fact, both the live action Reckless The adaptations (the 2003 movie and the 2015 Netflix series) use Kingpin as the main antagonist.

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