When Pao called for the cancellation of the culture recently, many fans disagreed and think he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. What did Paola have to say?

A list of the most controversial couples of 90 day fiancé It would have to include Paola and Russ Mayfield. The OG couple have divided fans in the past, and they are especially critical of Paola. Many fans have scoffed at his racy images and questionable beliefs. Paola has once again caused a rift among fans with a recent social media post criticizing the cancellation culture. The post inspired many heated conversations on multiple social media platforms, and several fans had strong opinions on Pao’s ideas.

Paola and Russ were featured in 90 day fiancé season 1, which told the love story of the boy from Oklahoma and native of Colombia. Since the show, the couple have welcomed a son, Axel, and continues to appear on the 90 day fiancé franchise in spin-offs such as Happy forever? Y I love games. The couple, and especially Paola, are extremely active on social media, although not everyone loves them. Many fans find the couple to be desperate and narcissistic and are highly critical of their activity on social media.

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In her latest of many controversial posts, Paola shows her conservative side and denounces the culture of cancellation. “To those who worked so hard to cancel Mr. Potato Head, Dr. Seuss and Pepé Le Pew so quickly and successfully, could you direct your next efforts toward canceling child pornography, pedophilia and sex trafficking?“she asks. Paola goes on to say that the people pushing for the cancellation culture are“heard about the rest of usThey claim that they are working against child exploitation. She asks for the “mysteries“On how to make cancellations occur, so”real changes”It can be done, which implies that advancing diversity and inclusion is not important.

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Paola made many followers comment on the post, but there are several who feel that she does not know what she is talking about. “This really doesn’t make senseA fan commented, explaining that the “cancellation” of Mr. Potato Head, Dr. Seuss and Pepé Le Pew were decisions of the individual companies behind the products and character, and not part of a concerted effort by the public. There are no companies or groups that openly support child abuse, so there is no way to “cancel” it as Paola suggests. In this way, his entire analogy is fundamentally flawed.

There are also many fans who criticized Paola because she may be raising awareness, but she doesn’t seem to be doing anything tangible to help the causes she claims to be passionate about. “What is she doing that is so important?“Asked a fan,”all I see her do is judge and demean people for not doing “enough.”“Many say that despite his outrage, it seems that he does nothing”besides buying a motorhome and posting tiktok cringe. “Fans have been quick to criticize Paola in the past, but this time, they make decent points.

the 90 day fiancé Star isn’t afraid to share her point of view, but should be prepared to be called out when fans spot inconsistencies. No one is arguing that working to protect children from abuse is not a worthy cause, but from what fans have seen, Paola talks but doesn’t walk. She is quick to draw attention to the cancellation culture, but fans wonder what she has actually done to promote the cause she claims to be passionate about other than posting about her on Instagram.

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Source: Paola Mayfield / Instagram, Reddit

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