Infinite Frontier started with a tragic attack on Arkham Asylum, but while everyone blames the Joker, Joker # 1 hints that he may be innocent.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the “Batman” chapter of jester # 1, by James Tynion IV, Guillem March, Arif Prianto and Tom Napolitano, out now.

DC started its latest new start with last week Infinite border # 0, a problem that was opened with another tragic attack in Gotham City. While Batman’s city was still reeling from the devastating “Joker War,” Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane suffered a horrific poisonous attack that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of patients and staff members. Since the victims were killed by the Joker’s signature weapon, Laughing Gas, everyone looked to the Clown Prince of Crime as the person responsible for this cruel tragedy.

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While some see the evidence at their disposal as a clear sign that the Joker simply followed up his war with a surprise attack on Arkham. However, there is a definite mystery at the heart of this event that makes it unclear if the Joker is really responsible. Now with jester # 1, the Clown Prince of Crime himself may have proven innocent.

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Arkham Prisoners Are Dead

The attack on Arkham Asylum claimed the lives of hundreds of people, including, perhaps most notably, the classic Batman villain Bane, among the victims. Since 2020 The Joker War Zone Special # 1 saw Joker actually declare war on Bane, it seemed like Infinite border # 0 was the moment he decided to attack. However, the Joker was nowhere to be seen during the attack. In fact, the villain was last seen leaving Gotham at the end of the “Joker War” when he revealed that his true purpose was to push Gotham beyond its limits and force it to rebuild itself into something new.

It was clear that the Joker had plans for Gotham, and it seemed like he had a general plan that would get him away from the city for a while. But now, it seems that the Joker attacked once again, when all but expected.

However, the events of The joker # 1 seems to exonerate the Clown Prince of Crime.

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Tropical joker

In the first issue of the new series, Jim Gordon is approached by a rich and powerful group of people who intend to pay him a large amount of money to assassinate the Joker. The joker Issue 1 focuses primarily on Gordon; in fact, the main character only appears in the last pages of the comic, where it is revealed that he is currently on vacation in Belize.

Distance alone makes him look innocent. Sure, one could argue that Joker simply staged the Arkham Asylum attack, but it’s not like the villain is half a continent away when it happens. Also, while the villain is enjoying some sun, he picks up the newspaper to read the headline that informs him about the attack on the Asylum that was supposedly invented by himself. In response, the Joker bursts out laughing, saying “Oh … this is about to get very interesting isn’t it?”

Given his reaction to the headline, it sure looks like the Joker had no idea about the Laughing Gas attack, and that he finds the idea of ​​being blamed for it amusing. That reaction certainly makes sense, considering you might see this as a challenge from an unknown rival. Whatever happens here, it seems increasingly likely that the Joker has been framed and that someone is passing him the latest Gotham City tragedy for unknown reasons. Now the event has just caught the attention of the Joker and as a result, a completely different war could soon overtake Gotham.

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