Joe Manganiello reveals that, at one point, Suicide Squad 2 would have included a fight between his Deathstroke and Will Smith’s Deadshot.

Joe Manganiello revealed that an early version of Suicide Squad 2 featured a fight between Deathstroke and Will Smith’s character, Deadshot. After the premiere of David Ayer’s 2016 film Suicide squad, the sequel to that movie went through many iterations. This was mainly due to Suicide squadThe polarizing fanatic and critical response and its PG-13 rating, with many feeling that a sequel should lean toward more of the harsh sensibilities of the supervillain group. When James Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy, signed a deal with Warner Bros. to write and direct the sequel after his departure from Disney, the plans for the sequel were very different from when they started.

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Manganiello’s DCEU character Deathstroke suffered a similar fate. The actor first appeared during the 2017 post-credits sequence. League of Justice in a scene that saw him hatching a team with Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor. However, due to the internal battle taking place at Warner Bros., Manganiello’s character was left on the cutting room floor after having several projects in development. Manganiello is scheduled to return to the DCEU in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, but his character was going to make an appearance in the Suicide squad sequel early in its development.

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Manganiello revealed to Vanity fair that his character would have faced Deadshot in the proposed sequel. The actor revealed that there were multiple proposed appearances for his character in various DCEU movies, something fans already knew, but that Suicide Squad 2 would have featured a fight between the two super assassins. However, when that didn’t happen, Manganiello gave up on the character before Snyder decided to bring him back for his version of League of Justice.

“There was incarnation after incarnation of Suicide II, getting involved versus [Will Smith’s character] Deadshot. So I went through a couple of years of that. And when the last one didn’t go, he just put it away. And you just say, ‘It’s over. That was it. I went through five burning hoops and it’s not happening. We’re going to quit. ‘ And then Zack calls you and says, ‘Okay, let’s go.’

Like Manganiello, it appears that Smith’s Deadshot will no longer appear in Suicide squad continuation. Idris Elba was initially cast as Deadshot to replace Smith, but his character was eventually changed to be Bloodsport. It was also revealed that Smith would not appear in Suicide squad due to scheduling conflicts, another complication for Warner Bros. afloat as they tried to create a post-League of Justice blackboard.

The opportunity to see Deathstroke and Deadshot face off is tantalizing. As two of DC’s most famous and violent killers, the fight surely would have been something to behold, especially with the second film’s R rating. Unfortunately, like many other things in the DCEU, those plans were put on hold while they tried to figure out what they wanted to do with their superhero franchise. Fortunately, Suicide squad it’s almost complete and is still hitting theaters and HBO Max this year and it looks to be a promising follow-up, even without Manganiello or Smith.

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Source: Vanity fair

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