Hollywood’s top action heroes became icons by doing something extraordinary, whether it be taking down small armies or taking on the most deadly creatures in the galaxy. When the dust settles, these are the guys action movie fans remember, and they show no signs of losing their iconic status anytime soon.

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On the video game front, few action heroes are as tough as Solid Snake from the famous Hideo Kojima. Metal gear franchise. This guy is the best of the best, and anyone who wants to take him down from the top spot will better bring things up. If these two universes were ever to merge, some action movie heroes might win, while others would fall faster than the perimeter guard.

10 Win: Dutch Schaefer (Predator)

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch Schaefer, a special forces soldier who fought the Predator.

Snake may have faced some of the toughest enemies imaginable, but he did so by shooting from the hip. It is not known how he would fare in a fight with a Yauja Predator, but he is likely to hold his own and potentially win. Dutch Schaefer, on the other hand, has faced one up close and lived to tell the tale.

Not only is Dutch physically superior to Snake, he is a combat veteran with years of experience under his belt. He infiltrated some of the most brutal regions in the world and came out smoking a cigar. However, your real strength is planning. Dutch is a master of cheating and adaptation on the fly, and this would overwhelm even someone as talented as Snake.

9 Lose: John Wick

John Wick, a master assassin called out of retirement to seek revenge

John Wick is a badass on his worst day, killing more bad guys than most movie thugs. However, Wick is best known for taking on scores of relative infantrymen, as opposed to heavy hitters. If there is something John wick The movies have taught viewers, is the titular hero can, and takes a beating when facing seasoned opponents.

That would only make him the loser in a head-to-head with Snake. Yes, he has the moves and the stamina, but Snake is above the rest compared to most soldiers. He has faced super soldiers and genetically modified enemies with amazing powers, only to win every time. John Wick would have a hard time managing even a third of that.

8 Victory: John Rambo (First Blood)

John Rambo, a Vietnam veteran suffering from PTSD who returns to the country to rescue the hostages.

Few soldiers are as brutal and efficient as John Rambo. In many ways, his character helped inspire the template for the Solid Snake character, and it shows. Pound for pound, the two would be even, meaning a win would be scored on the narrower margins.

Rambo never stops moving, and that’s his main advantage. He’s just as good at stealth and infiltration as Snake, but his willingness to relocate and change strategy in a split second is slightly ahead of Snake, who prefers to stick to the rudiments. Plus, Rambo doesn’t need a support team to do its job; only the closest lethal weapon.

7 Lose: Braddock (MIA)

Chuck Norris as ex-POW Braddock in Missing in Action

Colonel James Braddock is a one-man army, and when he is angry, many explosions and deaths will soon follow. He made a name for himself Missing in action movies like a Vietnam prisoner of war who ventures back into the jungle to rescue American soldiers who are still under lock and key behind enemy lines.

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While Braddock is a formidable warrior, he has mostly faced cannon fodder in the form of genetically trained Vietcong soldiers. Snake, on the other hand, was a full member of the Fox Hound, which is as elite as it sounds. Braddock would put up a good fight, but in the end he would lose to Snake.

6 Victory: Chance Boudreaux (hard target)

Jean-Claude Van Damme as Chance Boudreaux, a skilled soldier who breaks a human hunting ring.

Some guys have a natural penchant for war, and Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Chance Boudreaux is one of them. Chance, originally a Marine Corps reconnaissance veteran, went through hard times and became a homeless vagrant looking for odd jobs, at least until he came across Natasha Binder, a woman searching for her missing homeless father. .

When Chance discovered a high-risk human hunting racket led by the enigmatic Emil Fouchon, he alone took on his entire army and razed them all. This is bragging rights, and something that would give him a victory in a fight with Solid Snake, who prefers infiltration and stealth over high-octane warfare.

5 Lose: Snake Plissken (Escape From New York)

Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken, a lawless anarchist forced by the government to take on a mission.

Snake Plissken represents the other half of the influence of the character that entered Metal Gear’s Solid Snake itself, and the similarities are obvious. They are both tough guys with a deep voice, cigarette smokers, who fear nothing and receive no criticism from anyone.

However, the similarities end there. While Plissken is obviously not someone to be trifled with, he hasn’t gone through half of the things Solid Snake has. Fox Hound’s training trumps Plissken’s own fighting style, but the two would be more evenly matched compared to other opponents here.

4 Win: Tequila Yuen (Hard)

Chow Yun_Fat in hard

Hong Kong detective Tequila Yuen caused quite a stir when his character debuted at John Woo’s ultra-classic action festival. Lasted, which is considered one of the most masterful action films ever made. As a cop, Tequila has been through the toughest times and has lived to tell the tale.

While Snake is an expert in subterfuge and infiltration, Tequila is a quick thinker with weapon skills that are hard to rival. Snake may have the combat training, but Tequila is pure drive and rage, and that’s a lethal cocktail that would likely overwhelm him if the latter pressed his attack.

3 Lose: James Bond

Pierce Brosnan as 007: James Bond

Bond has saved the world countless times, but he has always faced quite routine opponents and their henchmen. While armed to the teeth with the latest MI6 weapons and gadgets, he relies too much on them to get out of tough situations. Rather, Snake prefers OSP (on-site acquisition) of weapons and tools, which is a testament to his training.

Bond is capable of defending himself in a fight, but his high society womanizing shoulder rub could put him at a disadvantage against Snake’s raw and sheer combat training. Snake is not going to order a martini, shaken or stirred. You will achieve your mission objectives like a dog biting and never letting go.

two Victory: Casey Ryback (under siege)

Steven Seagal as former Navy SEAL turned cook expert Casey Ryback in Under Siege

Not only is Casey Ryback an expert in close combat and melee weapons, he has enough Navy SEAL training to take down a small army. Although he would rather cook a good meal in the nearest kitchen, he will settle for shouting the worst of the worst in a battle situation.

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Ryback’s abilities are almost perfect, and he would be more than a match for Snake. If the battle came down to a fist fight, Snake would score a few shots, but it’s doubtful he’ll hold out long before Ryback snaps his neck like a twig. Also, Ryback has a deep understanding of how MacGyver nearby elements to create makeshift bombs and traps, which is a definite plus.

1 Lose: the T-800 (The Terminator)

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Terminator, a reprogrammed cyborg from the future

Although the T-800 infiltration unit was designed to be nearly unstoppable, it is still a machine, and that is something Solid Snake has vast experience with. He has shot down larger killer robots in his time, including several variants of the Metal Gear superweapon. A T-800 should be a walk in the park for you.

Although the Terminator is a cyborg with a hardened combat chassis, Snake has shown that he is capable of breaking through the strongest armor out there. He went head-to-head with a cyber ninja and emerged victorious, which is not an easy task, either. If he was careful and used distancing to his advantage, he would definitely have a chance to take down the iconic SkyNET killing machine.

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