An issue of Marvel Comics’ Star Wars: Age of Republic reveals that Anakin made decisions that would have put pressure on his and Padmé’s marriage.

In a matter of Star Wars: Age of the Republic for Marvel Comics, it is revealed that Anakin Skywalker condemned her marriage before killing Padme Amidala. This comic reveals that the trust that a wife and husband should share was already at risk. Why? As a result of some of Anakin’s own decisions and habits.

Star Wars: Age of Republic – Padmé Amidala # 1 shows Padmé going on a self-proclaimed diplomatic mission to Clabron. This planet has remained neutral during the conflict of the Clone Wars and hopes to tilt it to the side of the Republic. Padmé, the former queen of Naboo, frequently works to build alliances with planets and seeks diplomatic solutions to problems. You often try to work within the system you are in, believing that it is usually the best means of doing things fairly. Anakin, on the other hand, has always been more awkward in his negotiations and often goes against the system he’s in. This is especially true of his marriage to Padmé, which is forbidden by the Jedi and therefore kept secret.

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A secret marriage alone causes all kinds of problems, but this problem, Written by Jody Houser with art by Cory Smith and Wilton Santos, it shows some of the problems that can aggravate any marriage. Before Padmé leaves, she says goodbye to Anakin, but doesn’t tell him exactly where she’s going. She tells him that she is going somewhere else, leading him out of his true intentions. By marrying in secret, it would make sense that the two of them had to trust each other. The truth, however, is that Padmé can no longer completely trust Anakin. His first reason seems perfectly normal: he worries. So she doesn’t want him to worry. That is positive. On the contrary, his other main reason is that he is too close to the Chancellor.

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Already, before tensions even rise within the Senate and with Anakin on his youth murder spree, Padmé knows that Anakin isn’t completely trustworthy. Although he doesn’t suspect any foul play or know anything more than anyone else about the potential threats Anakin is facing, he clearly has a problem with Anakin’s newfound closeness to Palpatine. In this context, Padmé does not want the Chancellor to know what she is doing because the Republic has chosen to ignore neutral worlds. Her diplomatic mission is not approved by the Republic, but she considers it important as far as it goes anyway. However, you don’t want anyone to know that you are doing this. While this isn’t necessarily bad or revealing about Anakin’s dark side, it does show that Anakin has done things that could have caused him more trouble in his marriage.

Padmé worries that if she tells Anakin where she is going, he will not only worry, but will also tell Palpatine. She does not trust that her own husband does not share information with a political leader of the Republic. Most likely Anakin was also trying to see if he could have an escort and guard, which would include him if possible. Despite this, Padmé could have insisted that it should be kept secret due to the Republic’s stance, had she thought it would actually work. By last, Padme not bad not to trust Anakinas he talks to the Chancellor much more than he should. Not to mention that he ends up being the reason she loses her life in the end. Keeping the secret, and believing that the only safe route is to lie, does not allow for a strong and healthy marriage, particularly in the Star Wars universe.

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