From Jax Taylor to Lala Kent to Vanderpump Rules’ own matriarch Lisa, who are the most popular cast members on Instagram?

the Vanderpump Rules The cast may have started out as a favorite in the Bravo universe of reality TV celebrities, but they quickly grew into a huge following on social media. While the show is changing at the moment, the presence of the original cast members on Instagram remains strong, and the series still has many devoted fans.

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However, the popularity of each cast member on Instagram doesn’t necessarily reflect what people think. Even cast members who have been fired from the series, like Stassi and Jax, are still doing remarkably well on social media, for better or worse. There are many possible reasons why certain cast members have more followers than others, and this list explores some of those reasons.

10 James Kennedy: 481 thousand

James Kennedy Vanderpump Rules

While James Kennedy might not have been an original member of the OG cast when it was introduced in season three, he has still been on the series much longer than many other cast members.

He has become well known for being on the show and has had many iconic moments. Surprisingly, despite his DJ career and attempts to bring it mainstream, he has the lowest following of any of the main cast members.

9 Kristen Doute: 767 thousand


In general, female cast members do better than male cast members on Instagram. This might not be very surprising as the platform often reaches out to women and the ads and aesthetics are usually more aimed at a female audience. However, Kristen is the exception.

She is the only cast member of OG who does not have more than a million followers. This could be because she has never really tapped into a brand or type of image in the same way as other women like Lala or Stassi.

8 Tom Sandoval: 943 thousand

While Tom Sandoval is arguably the number one guy in the group now that Jax Taylor has been fired, his Instagram followers don’t reflect this. While it’s close to the million mark, it’s not quite there. This could be because Tom can sometimes annoy viewers the wrong way, but it could also be because his Instagram is not very curated.

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On the other hand, his girlfriend, Ariana Madix, who joined the show much later, has a lot more followers than he does. It is currently at the 1.3 million mark.

7 Tom Schwartz: 962 thousand

While it may come as a surprise to some fans, Tom Schwartz actually has a bit more following than his best friend, Sandoval.

These two are known for their close friendships and for being co-owners of TomTom, but Schwartz is generally the more laid-back of the two. While Sandoval might be the hardest worker, fans could relate to Schwartz’s puppy-dog charm.

6 Jax Taylor: 1 million

Interestingly, the only male cast member who has a million OG cast followers is Jax Taylor. Jax has always been a controversial figure who is known for cheating on his girlfriends and having rage-filled hallucinations.

However, he has tried to change his brand to become the doting father that he will be. Even though he is no longer a part of the show, he has a huge following on Instagram, and this could also be because he is quite active on the platform. Brittany has more than him, however, at 1.5 million.

5 Katie Maloney: 1.1 million

While Katie has sometimes disliked many fans for her demeanor, she does very well on Instagram. Truth be told, Katie could have been judged too harshly at times by fans because she did nothing worse than most of the other cast members.

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Katie is also one of the only true OGs, along with the two Tom and Scheana, who is still on the show. Of all the cast members who were there in the first season, she is still associated with the show, even if a new season has not been announced.

4 Scheana Shay: 1.2 million

Scheana was often made a joke on the show and her cast members often disliked her. But, despite being a bit ridiculous at times, the fans really like it.

Scheana is entertaining to watch and has a strong social media presence. So while she was often teased by others on the show, she has continually grown her brand, even outside of filming.

3 Lala Kent: 1.5 million

The fact that Lala is at the top of this list is probably not a huge surprise to many people. She is someone who is active on the platform and uses it to promote things like her makeup line and her acting career.

When Lala was introduced in season four, she quickly became popular with fans. And her relationship with Randall Emmett has added to her star power.

two Stassi Schroeder: 2.3 million

Stassi has a lot more following than any of the other main members of the OG cast, and it’s really interesting given the scandals that have followed her recently.

Stassi has had a successful podcast and has built his “core” brand for a long time, which is why he has always done well on Instagram. However, after being fired for racist actions towards Faith Stowers, it’s a bit surprising to see that so many people still support her.

1 Lisa Vanderpump: 2.7 million

Lisa Vanderpump Vanderpump Rules

Lisa Vanderpump still surpasses Stassi when it comes to number of followers, and since it really started out as her show, this isn’t that strange.

Lisa was in public view as a member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and he was the one who led the rest of the cast to stardom when Vanderpump Rules began on SUR. He has had a lot more time to build a following and his Instagram is still going strong.

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