Supremely powerful and indestructible, cosmic entities are almost tangible concepts that reign as the highest echelon of Marvel characters with The One Above All having the highest rank in the entire Multiverse. With a wave of their hand, a multitude of these beings like Eternity, Galactus and The Living Tribunal can cleanse all life on an entire planet, galaxy and even universe.

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However, while these entities are relatively well known, many others go unnoticed and rarely seen, causing fan reception to dwindle until these entities fade into the realm of darkness. In fact, some fans may not even know that these characters ever existed.

10 Pharaoh Akhenaten claims the heart of the universe


Relics such as the Infinity Gauntlet, Ultimate Nullifier, and Mijolnir are widely recognized by the masses as the unsurpassed power they wield often sending shockwaves throughout the universe. Nevertheless, Marvel Universe: the end it would introduce a new source of power that would put those artifacts to shame by taking them down with the greatest of ease. The Heart of the Universe, an omnipotent source said to flow directly from The One Above All, would be acquired by Akhenaten after the Celestial Order entrusts him with a portion of its power. Surpassing the Celestials and even the Living Tribunal, this amazing power would be stolen and eradicated by Thanos at the end of the story.

9 Abraxas is unleashed in the multiverse

Abraxas Marvel Comics

Where Eternity stood as the physical embodiment of the Multiverse, Abraxas was its antithesis serving as the embodiment of the destruction of the Multiverse. Growing up within the core of Eternity, Abraxas would emerge after the death of the main Galactus 616 who served as a guardian against the multiversal force.

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Able to manipulate the fabric of any universe, Abraxas would devastate each and every one of the realities until Franklin combined his power with that of his sister to reconstitute Galactus, thus restoring balance in Eternity. In a convoluted set of events, Reed Richards uses the Ultimate Nullifier to destroy both Abraxas and himself, resulting in a reality where Abraxes is non-existent but Reed returns because “everything that had ended, and everything that is, was realigned. “

8 The ancient Demiurge sows life on Earth

The sentient life force of Earth’s biosphere, the Demiurge is the progenitor of the Old Gods, a race of ancient and corrupt beings who fought after discovering that their power increased by consuming their brothers. To stop the destruction of his offspring, the Demiurge meditated with Gaea to create a force known as Atum, or Demigorge, to end the conflict. This omnipotent force, predating humanity by 4 billion years, can manipulate Earth’s biological species and exist in both physical and non-bodily form. It is said to be the prime mover behind the inhabitants of Earth, although it should be noted that the “origin” of the Marvel Universe has many interpretations.

7 The Marquis of Death returns to wreak havoc

The Marquis of Death defeats the Fantastic Four

Clyde Wyncham Jr. is the only Earth-1219 mutant whose reality-warping powers are of such a degree that in a fit of rage, he manifested the Marvel Villains in his own reality, though he ultimately sent them back to the universe. 616, but not without being sent there as well. Found by Reed Richards, Wyncham is put into stasis and has peaceful memories in a loop to prevent a massive catastrophe from occurring. Freed by a series of villains, Clyde annihilates them all and ventures into the multiverse to dominate time and space, destroying every universe he encounters and sequentially evolving into the Marquis of Death. In a complex set of circumstances, the Marquis of Death would be tricked and eradicated by Doctor Doom, who acted as the Marquis’s apprentice.

6 Logos usurps the role of multiversal law

Marvel Cosmic Character Logos

Lord Chaos and Master Order act as agents of universal balance with the In-Betweener embodying the reconciliation between the two. After the collapse of the seventh universe, the eighth iteration would have an open slate on how the cosmic hierarchy would be established, so the representations of Chaos and Order would seize this opportunity by forcing themselves to combine with the In-Betweener that, in Consequently, she gave birth. a completely new cosmic entity called Logos. Assassinating the Living Tribunal to usurp his role as the embodiment of multiversal law, Logos would impose his corrupt will on beings he believed necessary to carry out a specific role, ignoring their evolutionary enhancements. It would take an ethereal Black Panther combined with the spirit of the Tiger God to divide the entity into their respective individual roles.

5 The Obsolete Proemial Gods Requite

Playing specific roles in the virgin universe until finally becoming obsolete, the Promieal Gods acted as Galactus-like beings until one of them, Diableri, corrupted his relatives into following his plan to recreate the universe in his image. He, along with a host of other Promieal Gods, would be annihilated by Galactus and the survivors, Aegis & Tenebrous, would be imprisoned at the edge of the universe until released during the events of Annihilation. Aegis and Tenebrous would achieve revenge on Galactus and hand him over to Thanos for his own nefarious purposes, but the two would later be defeated by the Silver Surfer, ending the race of Promieal Gods.

4 Entropy destroys and recreates the universe

Entropy personifies the Great Freeze, a theoretical concept that attributes the inevitable end of the universe when the thermodynamics of universal energy levels off and becomes inert in an event called Death by Heat. Part of a triumvirate of Eternity’s offspring, Entropy and his siblings, Explosion and Gravitation, act as the three essential forces in the death and rebirth of the universe with Explosion and Gravitation representing the Big Bang and the Big Crunch respectively.

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Destroying his father, Entropy would end all of creation only to recreate it after not having fun with an empty void, thus becoming the new Eternity that would reveal itself as part of a life and death cycle of Eternity.

3 The queen of Nevers sees it coming

Allred never reigns

Definitely one of the most abstract universal concepts, the Queen of Nevers represents everything that could be and the possibilities it holds. Working in conjunction with Eternity in the Land of Couldnt-Ben’t-Be, the two create moments when all possibilities become one with the universe and anything can happen. Birthing moments across the Multiverse, she not only sees and knows what the future holds, but can also change the outcome of those possibilities. Perishing in the collapse of the seventh multiverse, she would return in the rebirth of the eighth only to carry the One above all to safety, preventing it from being annihilated by the attack of the new cosmic overseer, Logos.

two The first firmament once stood as the only universal conscious throughout existence

Marvel Multiverse First Firmament

The First Firmament is an ancient celestial that remained the only universal conscious throughout existence before being torn into a million pieces by its offspring, the Celestials. Upon fleeing to the Far Coast, his remaining shattered essence merged into the Second Cosmos, and thus the first Multiverse was born. Seven Cosmos would die and be reborn with each enhancement of the first, however, the restoration of the Multiverse as the Eighth Cosmos ushered in the First Firmament enacting its plan to once again become all that is. Imprisoning the Eighth Eternity and feeding on its energy, it would be released by the Ultimates of Galactus and would reign in the seven past Cosmos to defeat the First Firmament, taking it to the Land of Could-Not-Not-Being.

1 Anthropomorphic and the dimension of manifestation

Although cosmic entities are tremendously powerful, they are nothing more than the physical manifestations of various ideas and concepts. When these abstract entities wish to appear in the Marvel Universe, they venture into the Manifestation Dimension where Anthropomorpho, the First Manifestor of Manifestations, creates avatars for the entities called M-Bodies. Operating in Overspace, a dimensional extension disconnected from all other realities, Anthropomorpho and his race of beings do not have a true leader, but serve the abstract entities of the Omniverse.

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