The main complaint of most shonen anime series is that they last too long. Most of the time, anime series of longer duration tend to be shonen series and generally action series. One piece is close to 1000 episodes, while series like Bleach Y Naruto both exceeded 300. Even a “short” series like Yuyu Hakusho has at least one hundred episodes.

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But sometimes shonen series end much earlier than planned. This may be because the anime caught up with the manga, or it may be because the author stopped working on the project. Regardless, fans often wonder how much better the series would be if it ended as it was supposed to.

10 Yu-Gi-Oh Felt rushed towards the end of his series

Yugi Joey Tea From Yu Gi Oh

The original Yu-Gi-Oh ran for over two hundred episodes, but it seems like a little more could have been done. When the padding is removed, there are actually only four arches and most of them are quite short. It looks like they could have developed some of the supporting characters further.

There hasn’t been a cast as memorable as the originals, though Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and Yu-Gi-Oh 5D have gotten closer. It’s really a shame, as these days the card game has changed so much that Konami had to introduce a full version of the game and create a much less popular cartoon for them.

9 Air Gear just skipped all the crazy contests in the end

Air Gear was a clever concept that fused sports with shonen action. Oh! Great went from Tenjou Tenge and his martial arts approach to Air Gear with motorized skates. The season one finale ends long before the series gets really wild.

Later chapters talk about genetic engineering, hyper-advanced science, and people who can skate so well that they essentially develop superpowers. A character can somehow “stop time” with his powers. This wild content was stolen from the world and there is no excuse for it.

8 Yu Yu Hakusho felt complete, but the author had more bows in mind

Yuyu Hakusho it is technically perfect: there are four bows and most of them are of a fairly high quality. But there was definitely a lot more story to tell. In the manga, Yusuke talks about some of the cases he dealt with off-screen that would have made the universe that much more interesting.

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Specifically, it is discovered that Koenma’s father is the reason for all the fights between the Spirit World and the Demon World. Although there was no more script to go on, these were ideas that could have become entirely new stories for Yusuke and the others.

7 Flame of Recca ended before the last great arc

Flame of Recca was a series that was basically Yu Yu Hakusho, but with ninjas. The main character is a delinquent teenager named Recca who wants to become a ninja and falls in love with a young woman with the power to heal people, whom he promises to be her ninja, only to find out that he is actually the son of the Hokage clan. .

To be fair, it worked a lot better than people thought, which is why it has sold over 25 million copies. The manga ran for about seven years, but the anime was about halfway through, made a basic adaptation, and ended. It is unfortunate, because there are multiple arcs left explaining the family history of the main character Recca that elevates the material and helps it become its own story.

6 Negima had a strong shift towards magic and combat that was avoided

Negima was incredibly popular in the early 2000s, winning not one, but two separate television series and a live-action show. However, it was never popular enough to get a good anime adaptation. The series begins with the feeling of another harem, expected from writer Ken Akamatsu, who at the time was best known as Love Hina.

Over time, it becomes a shonen fantasy, with characters boasting special magical powers and traveling to completely different worlds.

5 Zatch Bell never got to show the true way Zatch became king

Zatch Bell is the victim of a bad time. The series followed Kiyo and Zatch Bell, a high school student and young man from “Mamodo World.” Zatch Bell was destined to become King of the Mamodos, and was caught in a battle against other Mamodos until his book was burned or he defeated the last one left.

The series never got to give fans the ending they deserved, despite running 150 episodes. The series concluded a year before the manga did, forcing fans to go to the manga if they wanted to get the ending of the story.

4 Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic needed one more season

Anime Magi The Kingdom Of Magic Peace Offering

Magi fans everywhere continue to look forward to the third and presumably final season of Aladdin. At the time, the manga was still going on, and thus even the hiatus in adaptation made sense. Although the first season of Magi had some trouble staying true to the manga, the second season did a much better job and had incredible pacing.

But now, even after the Magi manga ends, there is still no third season, which leaves fans of Aladdin and Morgiana high and dry, even as Shinobu Ohtaka gets a new adaptation for his latest manga.

3 Noragami had tons of unexplained plot points

Noragami was quite popular when it was released and even though it only ran for two short seasons, it is still talked about today as a good anime series. However, when it was over, there was much to explore. By the end of the series, everyone found out that Yato was actually a powerful god who decided to take a different direction in life.

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They also feature Yato’s father, the person responsible for turning Yato into a god of destruction. There is much more to this story and Noragami absolutely needs several new seasons to delve into it.

two Black Cat somehow ended soon even though her manga was over

The puzzling thing about Black Cat is not its lower runtime. Many series have had twenty-four episodes and ended later. The puzzling thing is that there was no reason to do that.

The original Black Cat manga ran between 2000 and 2004. The Black Cat anime began in 2005, one year after the publication of the last chapter. They had an entire manga waiting to be adapted and gave it the minimum number of episodes before moving on to something else, robbing everyone of one of the most creative shonen action series on this side of Cowboy Bebop.

1 Bleach finished before his last arc could end

Bleach fades to black

Arguably, the Bleach anime ended too late, depending on who you ask. Most fans believed that the series should have ended after Aizen was defeated. However, the story still had more plots to wrap up. Unfortunately, at this point, interest in the property seemed to have waned, and as a result, Bleach was canceled before the final arc story could be animated.

Fortunately, Bleach: Thousand Year War is coming to life now, taking the franchise to the originally planned ending.

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