Anime heroes are often regarded with reverence for the positive qualities they embody. Most of them fight for a noble goal, whether it be to become the strongest in their people or simply to protect their loved ones.

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However, the challenges they face are steep and it is not impossible to lose yourself under pressure, be it of your own free will or insidious outside force. By identifying cases where heroes lost control, we can better appreciate their values, what it takes to unleash them, and the strength of their resolve.

10 Ryuko gave in to her bloodlust and turned into a monster (Kill La Kill)

After Nui Harime revealed that she was the one behind Ryuko’s father’s death, the hero was enraged for a multitude of reasons. Not only was the creation of Life Fiber unapologetically antagonistic about his actions, it also showed that Satsuki Kiryuin was lying to him and deliberately deflecting his anger.

Overcome with anger, Senkutsu transformed her into a disfigured monstrosity and one that would attack victims indiscriminately. Only Mako’s loyalty and fidelity were enough to bring her friend from the brink of insanity.

9 His brother asked Killua to kill a hunter exam contestant (Hunter X Hunter)

Illumi Zoldyck’s insidious influence caused Killua to lose control in the final rounds of the Hunter Exam. Although he had no trouble defeating his opponent, he broke the only rule Isaac Netero established: don’t kill the other contestant at all costs.

As a result, he was the only person to fail in the final stage of the test and, ironically, not for lack of merit. However, he would take it a second time years later and it would pass with flying colors.

8 Ichigo hugged his hollow form against Ulquiorra (Bleach)

Bleach Ichigo Vs Ulquiorra

Although he was only the fourth strongest Espada, Ulquiorra was an unprecedented monster that Ichigo had no hope of defeating in his basic form. Refusing to die, he returned to his Hollow state, gaining such astonishing strength that his opponent showed sincere shock for the first time in the series.

His ethereal screams and incorrigible gestures were equally horrible to Orihime and Uryu, the latter of whom was accidentally injured amid the surrogate Soul Reaper’s bloodlust. Providentially, the wounds were not fatal and allowed Kurosaki to come to his senses, having already inflicted unsustainable wounds on Ulquiorra.

7 Naruto went crazy against Orochimaru (Naruto)

Before Naruto could harness Kurama’s power, the latter was better able to control him under extreme states of duress. This was demonstrated through his fight against Orochimaru, where his undeveloped Nine-Tails status proved too much even for the fallen Sannin to achieve.

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It was not the first time that Naruto lost control; Jiraiya also suffered injuries when training with him to defeat Akatsuki. Fortunately, Captain Yamato’s Hashirama cells allowed him to curb the young man’s primal rage and bring him back to his senses before he could pose too significant a threat to himself and the others.

6 Eren attacked Mikasa directly (Attack on Titan)

During Eren’s first mission to repair a hole in one of Paradis’s compromised walls, he harnessed his Titan form with the express intention of saving humanity for the first time. However, seconds after becoming the Attack Titan, he immediately pounced on Mikasa and attempted to pulverize her.

This did not bode well for anyone, as it proved that Yeager’s detractors were right, as he evidently couldn’t control himself. Fortunately, this was the only example of Eren’s barbarity, with no direct intention behind it.

5 Polnareff was possessed and attacked Jotaro (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Anubis controlled the minds of his users.

Anubis was a rogue Stand that could possess anyone who wielded it. Though Polnareff was aware of his pernicious abilities, he would eventually fall prey to his wiles and turn against his staunch ally, Jotaro Kujo.

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Combining the strength of the villain’s sword with his own Silver Chariot, Star Platinum was soon overwhelmed by dizzying attacks and unprecedented speed. However, by catching the malevolent sword in his stomach and crushing it in his hands, he was able to revert his friend to normal.

4 Roy Mustang killed Lust in a fit of rage (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Roy Mustang was livid over the death of his close friend, Maes Hughes. After identifying the culprit and carefully cultivating his hatred for the homunculus, he would finally take revenge on Lust during their battle.

Although his Philosopher’s Stone allowed him to regenerate from his searing attacks, he tirelessly continued to smother her in fire until he could no longer heal her wounds. It was a fate that almost befell Envy before Hawkeye intervened, pleading with Mustang to show mercy for his own good.

3 Meliodas killed Fraudrin after he surrendered (Seven Deadly Sins)

Fraudrin was a demon of the Ten Commandments who was in charge of Hendrickson’s puppeteer. During their direct battle, he was about to kill his enemies before Griamore begged him to stop.

Overwhelmed by the memories Dreyfus left him with since they once shared a body, he refrained from attacking and vowed not to harm anyone else. Meliodas recognized her hesitation and took advantage of the advantage, vaporizing everything above her waist in one fell swoop. This was due to his gradual return to his demon form, facilitated by his death at the hand of Estarossa.

two Shinra was possessed by the first pillar (fire force)

The First Pillar was a malevolent entity that had a certain semblance of control over Shinra’s body. By possessing it, he was able to counteract the insecurities that he had developed since childhood from his monstrous smile and the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of his family.

In his rage, he attacked one of the Fire Stations and was nearly able to kill its Adolla-obsessed commander. Only Arthur’s impassive intervention and his surprisingly uniform disposition were enough to bring him off the brink of committing an irreparable atrocity.

1 Gon was willing to commit suicide for revenge (Hunter X Hunter)

Gon was permanently changed after Kite’s death. Once he faced Neferpitou, the Royal Guard vowed to restore their friend by completing their current objective of repairing Komogi. However, it was later revealed that this was a lie, designed to buy them time.

Furious at the deception and distraught over the loss of his friend, Gon imbued himself with the sum of all the power he would ever have wielded to possess the strength to bring down Neferpitou. In the end, their battle was brutal, one-sided, and brief, though Gon would survive to suffer its repercussions.

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