Darcey has become one of the most iconic players in the 90 day fiancé scene, with seasons in Before 90 days, and accumulating so much popularity that he reappeared on the show. Darcey and her twin sister even won their own series on TLC called Darcey and Stacey. It’s not hard to see why they were given their own reality show, as the fashion design owners’ relationships viewed by millions of viewers have entertained and lent people the ability to observe relationships in a much more personal sense. Her sense of style, identifiable flaws and insecurities, down-to-earth yet flashy nature, and lack of luck in the relationships department have made Darcey an admired figure on the show.

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A woman who progressively works towards self-improvement, confidence and self-love, has inspired many to reflect on the state of their own egos and how they treat others and themselves, not to mention the many pleasant or shocking moments they experienced. . I have to spend with Darcey. Even reality stars are human – Darcey knows no bounds when it comes to her emotions and learning experiences.

10 Darcey gives Jesse clues about the proposal

Darcey with black hair

Between one of her first dates, Jesse, who is almost 20 years her junior, takes Darcey on a bike ride around Amsterdam. Everyone has their own idea of ​​what a perfect date looks like; apparently Jesse is taking his girlfriend for a bike ride, even though she’s clearly a bit uncomfortable.

Not the most familiar with riding a bike, especially in the middle of a busy city, Darcey laughs and screams as she struggles to maintain control, yet maintains a good sense of humor. Turning around, he suggests they visit the Diamandt Museum and mentions his diamond ring … suggesting that perhaps it should one day be replaced with something more official, much to Jesse’s discomfort.

9 Darcey and Tom’s first night together

Darcey and Tom in 90 Day Fiancé

Still reeling from her toxic relationship with Jesse, Darcey has a hard time adjusting to Tom on their first night at an Airbnb he bought from them in London. Surprised that she arranged for them to be in two separate rooms, Darcey says he likes her room better, suggesting not that they change, but rather hinting that they will sleep together for the night.

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Tom is not sure how to deal with his overflowing emotions. The night turns awkward as both adults are faced with Darcey’s need to recover from their previous relationship and the general need to feel validated.

8 Darcey and Jesse try to have a family dinner

Darcey and Jesse face close-ups

Towards the end of their destructive relationship, Jesse turned Darcey on the day they were supposed to cook dinner for themselves and Darcey’s two teenage daughters.

Jesse becomes incredibly passive-aggressive, stating that everything he does from then on is “for the boys”, although in reality it is out of spite, he often makes the girls uncomfortable and forces Darcey to put on a brave face for them. . The girls stand up for their mother, marking the death of ‘Jarcey’ when Jesse and Darcey’s incompatibility finally gets in the way of the family.

7 Tom tricks Darcey into thinking he’s proposing

Darcey with blonde hair smiling

Although Tom was just featured on Darcey’s timeline, there are already some red flags. His reluctance to adapt to her and try to mold her into someone she is not, makes it more and more evident that there is manipulation. In his attempt to tame the vivacious, glamorous and particular Darcey, he subtly deceives her by showing her a box and presenting it in an important way.

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Smart on her behalf, Darcey gets excited but downplayed it and doesn’t act too fast, only to receive a huge, flashy-looking house key instead of some fine jewelry, as she previously expected. Nonetheless, Darcey was grateful for the gesture, and is probably happy that it was just a key and not a ring, as Tom ended up being toxic.

6 Tom shows up at Darcey’s door

Makeup Darcey Wihtou

In a mean act, Tom shows up at Darcey’s house in Connecticut to deliver his letter. It’s an awkward event as Stacey is the first to open the door, answering “Are you kidding me now?” after looking at Tom and bowing his head in secondhand embarrassment.

She calls Darcey, who doesn’t take any of Tom’s words seriously when he claims that he apologizes for his abusive and childish behavior when they break up. Darcey, in fact, does not give him the satisfaction of being “forgiven.”

5 Darcey’s heel sticks

Darcey at the airport

Perhaps in a moment of foresight for things to come, Darcey is at the airport on her way to meet Jesse for the first time when her pointy heel gets stuck on the escalator.

While it is a fun fluke, the anxiety is palpable when Darcey becomes stressed over barely being able to walk in her worn new shoes before joining someone she thinks is the love of her life.

4 Darcey catches Tom in a lie and breaks up with him

Darcey at the airport

When Darcey and Tom attempt a long distance run, she sees a photo of him on social media with another woman. Rightly angry at him, she prepares to face him and end their relationship completely.

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When they meet in New York for the last time, Tom continues to accuse her of manipulation, and does not let her have any power in the relationship. She brings him closer to the other woman and catches him in her lie. His face changes suddenly, after being discovered, and he responds awkwardly, “Yes …” They part, he says immature that she gained weight, and Darcey pays the bill and leaves, not bothering.

3 Darcey recovers during quarantine

Darcey in the kitchen

The quarantine hit everyone in some way. In an update of 90 day fiancé, Darcey films herself and her family talking about how their lives were affected during the pandemic.

With humor, she and her sister Stacey try to get their nails done. Darcey also shows off her makeup routine, broken acrylics, and falling hair extensions.

two Darcey refreshes herself in the airport bathroom

Darcey in the airplane bathroom

Before her first in-person meeting with Tom, Darcey uses her feminine know-how to freshen up after a long flight from the US to the UK.

Taking advantage of the fact that the driver is there to pick her up instead of Tom, Darcey spends about 45 minutes with her things scattered around the airport bathroom, cleaning up, re-dressing and spraying herself with perfume. “I have to smell like an angel,” she says, before strutting to the bathroom.

1 Darcey defends Rose

Darcey and Big Ed

Darcey defended Rose when Big Ed attacked the Tell-All episode. Although he’s not totally rude to Ed and takes a more diplomatic approach, Darcey explains how Ed is selfish and manipulative, much like what happened to Jesse and Tom.

He also picks up Rose and says that she should be treated like a queen. The statement makes the other women stand up to Ed and support Rose as well in a positive ripple effect.

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