At Avatar universe, heroes are often portrayed as models of truth and justice. Bravely, they fight the forces of evil in the various ways that it manifests itself throughout the series.

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However, there have been cases where heroes have taken things too far, either accidentally or maliciously. By analyzing examples of his worst transgressions, fans can gain a firmer appreciation and understanding of the complexity of his characters. Also, the series as a whole can be reassessed from a more morally nuanced perspective, as the heroes aren’t always as benevolent and perfect as they seem.

10 Aang fleeing the global conflict

When Aang was first discovered, he was frozen in a block of ice. However, this was not exclusively an accident, it was to avoid the raging war against the Fire Nation and to shirk his responsibilities as an Avatar.

However, refusing to help anyone plunged the world into darkness. The Air Nomads were wiped out, the Southern Water tribe was attacked and their masters lost, and Ba Sing Se was under siege for decades. By refusing to participate in the conflict, he also prevented a more willing and capable Avatar from taking his place.

9 Aang going into a rage and putting Katara in danger

10 aang in avatar state

When Aang first learned of the fate of his people, he was torn apart by sadness and anger. It was the first time in the series that he activated the Avatar state, unleashing a massive power that devastated the terrain and shocked the brothers of the Water Tribe who had escorted him to the ruins.

Only Katara’s pleas could bring him out of his enraged trance. However, even he recognized that he should not have indulged his passions. Fortunately, it was the only instance where the young hero used his power for anything less than magnanimous intent.

8 Katara almost murdered her mother’s kidnapper

Avatar Katara Souther Raiders

Although Katara took on the responsibility her mother once had, her abduction from the Fire Nation haunted her. Later, he would discover his fate, using Bloodbending to extract the information he needed.

This culminated in a confrontation between her and the man who took her father away. Even though the soldier had no means to defend himself, she prepared to execute him for the wrongdoings of his past. However, he would eventually give in, his conscience would influence his judgment. Nonetheless, it was one of the darkest and most brutal moments in the original series.

7 Zuko accidentally burned Toph’s feet while trying to talk to her

After Zuko offered his services to Team Avatar, many doubted his intentions. Later, he would plead with Toph in private, although he accidentally burned her feet early in the conversation.

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Since Toph saw through the vibration in his footsteps, burning them effectively blinded her and confirmed all the suspicions she had about him. Fortunately, the legend he shared with Aang about the firebending dragons and what they would soon teach the Avatar allayed the group’s mistrust.

6 Zuko robbing a family that protected him

Zuko on a stolen ostrich horse

After abandoning Iroh, Zuko went his own way. He spied on a hospitable family who invited him to their residence, fed him and kept him company. This demonstrated the goodness of the Earth Kingdom and proved that they may not be as different from the Fire Nation (or worth conquering) as you were led to believe.

However, after eating his fill, he stole the family ostrich to speed up his own businesses. Unbeknownst to him, they saw him do it but didn’t try to stop him.

5 Korra challenged Amon and humbled herself

4 Amun and the egalists

At the beginning of the series, Korra and Amon’s reputations steadily increased. The former was the inexperienced Avatar who would save Republic City, while the latter embodied an ideology of some merit in a tumultuous society.

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To increase her position and belittle the merit of Amon’s move, she openly challenged him to a fight at a designated location. However, this not only illustrated that power was the only language the masters spoke, but that she would not even be able to defeat it; on the contrary, Amon pacified her in seconds.

4 Mako tried to hide that he broke up with Korra

Mako looking angry

After Korra broke into the police station and expressed her dissatisfaction with her investigations, Mako broke up with her, putting her career before their relationship. This hurt the Avatar, and he left without a hint of the passion with which he entered.

Soon he would temporarily lose his memories and see the life of the first Avatar, Wan. Fully believing that she had forgotten that he broke up with her, Mako would keep it a secret, only reluctantly informing her of what happened at the end of the season. After it was revealed that she knew all along, she felt justifiably ridiculous.

3 Korra agrees to help a queen of the corrupt land

Hou-Ting the Queen of Ba Sing Se on her throne

Korra and Tenzin came to the Earth Kingdom under the pretext that they would find new airbenders. Since their monarch possessed the greatest resources to do so, a deal was made; If the Avatar helped defend himself against the marauders on the outskirts of the realm, he would receive the connections he needed.

Not only was it foolish to have trusted Hou-Ting, but the wealth that the marauders stole would eventually be returned to the royal coffers directly. In this sense, he was enabling a corrupt government and possibly justified Zaheer’s attempt to claim his life.

two Bolin served the imperialist Kuvira

At the beginning of the fourth book, Bolin was a loyal servant of Kuvira. He remained obedient by her side despite warnings made by Mako and Varrick, citing that she was very much like Korra herself.

Kuvira noted her loyalty and tried to manipulate her into joining her empire. However, the ruse would not herald success and he would soon discover that all the accusations leveled against his leader were true, including the re-education camps that were springing up across the country.

1 Korra cheated on Bolin with Mako

Mako and Korra kissing

After Mako showed disinterest in Korra, he wooed Bolin instead. However, the Avatar was not really interested in him; instead, he was using it as a mechanism by which to get his brother’s attention.

Once he had it, he immediately grabbed it for a kiss without his consent (although one that he would hug). Bolin soon discovered his infidelity and was emotionally devastated. However, he would not hold a grudge due to his forgiving and benevolent nature, and as a result, the Fire Ferrets were able to continue their participation in the pro-Bending tournament.

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