Cherry is based on Nico Walker’s semi-autobiographical story of war, addiction, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Here’s how close the movie is to the true story.

Warning: SPOILERS for Cherry.

CherryThe real story is complicated, as it takes into account real life events, but follows a fictional character. Tom Holland’s film is based on Nico Walker’s novel of the same name, intertwining Walker’s own real-life experiences with those of the character Cherry.

the Cherry The film follows Holland’s anonymous protagonist, who is simply referred to as “Cherry” in the film’s credits. It traces him through the years from college dropout, to decorated army doctor, to the famous serial bank robber and all the characters he meets along the way. His college girlfriend Emily (Ciara Bravo) is the only thing that anchors him to reality. But while suffering from a serious drug addiction and PTSD, he threatens to lose her and everything she loves in her life.

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The basic story of the Russo brothers film closely follows the events of Walker’s life. They are the smallest and most intimate details of Cherry that deviated from Walker’s life. But the central message of the story serves the same purpose as Walker’s book, shedding light on the opioid crisis and the unnecessary stigma of mental illness in veterans.

Cherry’s depiction of Iraq and PTSD

In CherryHolland’s protagonist joins the army in response to a breakup with Emily, with whom he falls in love the first time they meet. Shortly after they start dating, she announces that she intends to move to Montreal to continue her studies, which leaves Cherry heartbroken. At that point, his only answer is to the military as a doctor. The film shows that their experience is brutal, with the desert harsh and unforgiving. The things he sees as a doctor are etched in his brain forever, including watching his best friend die. It’s no wonder that once you return home, you suffer from severe PTSD. As Cherry says in the movie, she constantly dreams of violence at night. He internalizes the stress of the experience and is constantly ill when he returns home. Movies often romanticize or overlook a soldier’s experience in war, but that is not the case with Cherry.

While certain details may have been changed CherryWalker’s brutal experience with Iraq was not. Like walker said The Guardian, wrote the book because he wanted to show people how terrible the war in Iraq was. Walker felt his superiors took an overly aggressive approach that did more harm than good. After returning home, a psychiatrist finally diagnosed Walker with one of the worst cases of PTSD he had ever seen. While Cherry More time spent in the protagonist’s post-Iraq years than in the war itself, the film showing his experience through a brave lens. When it comes to Cherry’s struggle with PTSD, the movie left nothing to the imagination. The fact that Holland, an actor so closely associated with the sweet and naive Spider-Man character, was cast in the role made the character’s journey even more jarring.

Cherry drug addiction

In CherryHolland’s character dabbles in drugs for years. He stays clean when serving in Iraq, but sadly becomes a full-fledged addict in the years after he returns home and begins to suffer from PTSD. Emily is frustrated and exhausted in supporting his destructive habit, so she eventually joins him. Their shared heroin addiction nearly killed her, prompting her mother to beg Cherry to leave to give Emily a clean slate. Cherry is eventually jailed and has no choice but to get sober. In CherryIn the end, he reunites with Emily once he is paroled. While it is never explicitly stated, she appears to be clean as well.

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Walker also suffered from heroin addiction. But the interviews he gave about his experience focus less on his drug addiction and more on his experience in Iraq and as a bank robber. When it comes to this aspect of the story, the greatest fiction and reality is the character of Emily. Through the good times and the bad, she was Cherry’s guiding light. He tried to get more drugs for her, and when he finally got sober, Emily was clearly the one that helped him get through. While it is believed that Emily may have been based on one of Walker’s previous relationships, he did not have a partner in the experience as his counterpart did in the film. But Emily was a wise addition to Cherry’s story. Walker’s experience was certainly heartbreaking and heartbreaking; It is an important and interesting story that deserves to be told on the big screen. But from that storytelling aspect, there had to be something positive in Cherry’s life: that which kept him going and kept the audience rooting for him. That thing had to be Emily; Even in the lowest moments of his life, his love for Emily is really what kept him alive.

Cherry becomes a bank robber

The saddest and most fascinating part of Tom Holland’s movie is when Cherry resorted to bank robbery. Cherry and Emily flew through their drug stash and didn’t have enough money to buy more. Cherry went bank robbing and perfected the strategy needed to get the job done, even down to the right way to address the women at the bank. Walker robbed banks to maintain his drug addiction in real life. This is the aspect of his story that caught the media attention and eventually made Walker a household name.

In 2006, Walker returned home as a decorated Army Veteran. Post-traumatic stress disorder hit him fast and hard, so he turned to heroin to Rolling Stone reported, he began robbing Cleveland banks in December 2010 to fund his habit. Four months later, he was arrested; he had stolen nearly $ 40,000 in ten robberies. Walker went on to tell the publication that his bank robberies were never driven by a personal agenda. It was more of a transactional process, as it was the only way he could get money to feed his destructive addiction.

Cherry it well represented Walker’s mindset. In the movie, Cherry robs banks as a last resort. His addiction got him into some bad situations, from owing money to dangerous people to influencing his wife to turn to drugs too. He was able to completely shake off the experience until he saw a female banker cry in fear during his heist, prompting Cherry to turn himself in. The bank robberies were the culminating experience in both Cherry’s and Walker’s experiences. Cherry It may have changed some details of Walker’s life, but the movie finally captured Walker’s tragedy and redemption well.

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