The latest trailer for Disney’s upcoming Cruella reveals new details about the backstory of Emma Stone’s 101 Dalmatian villain.

The most recent advance of Cruella reveals even more of the 101 Dalmatians the fashion story of the villain. The next step on Disney’s list of live-action reinventions is Cruella, a new look at the origin story of a Cruella de Vil. Fans might know her better from Glenn Close’s 1996 performance. 101 Dalmatians where his main objective was to skin the titular puppies for their fur. In this new film, Emma Stone plays Cruella earlier in her life, when her name was Estella and she aspired to be a fashion designer.

Cruella also stars Emma Thompson, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Joel Fry, Paul Walter Hauser, and Mark Strong. It is run by Me, tonya director Craig Gillespie and is currently scheduled for a May premiere, with one eye still on a theatrical run. Disney released the first Cruella trailer last month, prompting some very divisive responses online. Many fans disagreed with the film’s apparent attempt to humanize Cruella, even though her only wish is to kill dogs. How the actual movie will unfold remains to be seen, of course, but Disney has already taken another look at Ms. De Vil’s new origins.

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Disney revealed a “sneak peek” on Cruella Sunday night. The one-minute clip dives into Estella’s beginning at a prominent London fashion house. Only, instead of designing the clothes the way she wants, she gets stuck cleaning. “I was destined for more in this life” she declares. The clip shows her face to face with Baroness Thompson as Cruella takes shape and does some very public demonstrations. Check out the trailer below.

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First Cruella The trailer drew a lot of comparisons to DC movies like jester Y Birds of prey, and although this clip feels lighter than the first, some tonal similarities can still be found with the second. It’s clear that Disney is interested in marketing Cruella as an anti-hero origin story rather than a simple villain tale. That doesn’t mean that this movie will humanize the character or even redeem her; it just means she’s interested in treating Cruella the way she sees herself, who is the hero of her own story.

Cruella de Vil is certainly an interesting character choice to host her own backstory, and hopefully Disney will allow her to be as wild and dark as possible. Gillespie expertly handled the story of a very complicated woman with I, tonya, making it an excellent choice for this. If you can bring the same skill to Cruella, a wild ride awaits the public. Only time will tell if this stands out from the rest or falls prey to Disney’s usual clean and flawless style.

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Source: Walt Disney Studios

  • Cruella (2021)Release Date: May 28, 2021

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