From the moment Gohan made his debut in the Dragon Ball Z franchise, it was hard to imagine what Goku’s son could be like. He was just as strong, if not stronger, than his father, but he rarely shared his father’s enthusiasm for fighting and preferred to keep his head to the books. Even as an adult, he preferred to work to be a scholar rather than train as a fighter.

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Most diehard fans of the franchise can point out more differences between the two than similarities, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t similarities. There are at least a handful of moments throughout the series that show Gohan perfectly personifying his father’s qualities, often providing perfect parallels to Goku’s own upbringing.

10 This time, his power seemed limitless at a young age.

Goku was first introduced in the Dragon Ball franchise as a child by lifting a car over his head. The moment immediately pointed to just how powerful Goku was and as the series progressed, audiences learned that his potential to become even more powerful was limitless.

Gohan’s initial introduction to DBZ he was a bit more subdued as a crying and shy four year old meeting the Z-Fighters for the first time, but that changed mere chapters / episodes later when he rose from his space capsule with an insanely high power level to do something Piccolo and Goku struggled to do: make a dent in Raditz’s armor.

9 That time he needed his tail cut off

Like all Saiyans, both Gohan and Goku were most dangerous and powerful as children when they were under a full moon that transformed them into great apes. In Goku’s case, it was a danger to those around him that he accidentally killed his own grandfather in his monkey form.

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For Gohan, it almost killed Piccolo during his initial training if the Namekian hadn’t destroyed the moon and cut off his tail. He grew back, but like Goku at a young age, Gohan finally had his tail removed for good.

8 That time Krillin was his best friend

Gohan Krillin Dende

Goku and Krillin have been portrayed as best friends since the original. Dragon Ball was first released and will continue to be portrayed as such over the course of Dragon ball super (Except for fans who think Goku has found a new best friend in Vegeta).

However, starting in the Saiyan Saga and especially during the Frieza Saga, Krillin began taking care of Gohan as a kind of mentor while his father was away. Over the course of the first three sagas at least, Krillin found his own new best friend in Gohan, as the two often paired up like they were glued together.

7 That time he was eager to sacrifice himself

As the last remaining Z-Fighter after Androids 17 and 18 killed everyone in this timeline, Future Gohan probably bears more similarities to Goku than any other version of him, as shown in Trunks’ story.

Near the end of the canon movie, Gohan knocks out Trunks to prevent him from facing the androids. Despite knowing how high his chances of defeat were in a one-on-two fight, Gohan willingly accepted the inevitable, confident that Trunks would become the new sole defender on the planet. In a perfect parallel during the Cell Saga, Goku sacrificed himself to explode alongside Cell, relying on Gohan to defend Earth in his absence.

6 That time he wanted to jump into a fight with Cell

Because Goku is always so eager to fight someone and test his own strength, it’s no wonder to see Goku rush into a fight without thinking about the consequences. However, it is rare to see Gohan do the same.

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One of those rare cases came when he felt his mentor Piccolo being beaten to death by a new enemy named Cell. Gohan was eager to rush to the rescue, but Goku punched his son in the face to stop him, understanding that Gohan rushing into any fight when he’s not ready would lead to Gohan’s death.

5 That time he loved to fight too much

Anime Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan 2 Gohan Punching Cell

Fast forward to when Gohan and Cell come face to face during the Cell Games. Gohan is initially petrified at the thought of facing him, but after unlocking his potential in a Super Saiyan 2 form, he enjoys the encounter, until the very end.

Despite having the ability to take down Cell in an instant, Gohan is finally in love with fighting to the point of dragging out the fight much longer than necessary. Goku scolds him, but there have been times when Goku did the same. For example, in Super Saiyan 3, he could have beaten Buu in one fell swoop if he had used 100% of his strength and not finished it early, wanting the next generation to finish with Buu instead.

4 That time you saved the world

Anime Dragon Ball Gohan kills Cell Juniors

To make up for his carelessness, Gohan was able to beat Cell after his father’s sacrifice in a rare instance of a character not named Goku saving the world. Goku has spent years saving the world and defeating the Big Bad, especially up to this point in the series.

But when Gohan did it himself while his father was long dead, he was able to do it using his own strength and determination to stop Cell once and for all. For now, at least, it looked like Earth was in good hands without Goku. And if non-canon movies count, Gohan saved the world again when he defeated Bojack alone.

3 That time I had no idea about women

Because Goku spent most of his childhood raised in the forest far from civilization, he knew nothing about women before meeting Chi-Chi, hence why he agreed to marry her thinking that marriage was the name of some kind of food. .

Gohan was on a similar boat when he started attending Orange Star High after being homeschooled for so many years. The moment he meets Videl, not only does he have no idea what it means to be in love or see the signs of a crush on someone, but he makes the reckless move of recommending that he cut his hair during his flight training. Unsurprisingly, she takes it the wrong way and yells at him.

two That time he underestimated Buu

Old habits seem to die with difficulty when Gohan, unlocking his full potential again under Old Kai’s tutelage to become Ultimate Gohan, makes the same mistake he made with Cell so many years ago: he underestimated Buu’s power and dragged the fight further. than necessary.

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Once again, Goku has done the same thing once or twice, but doing it twice with two of the most vicious villains to ever land on Earth was not the best decision on Gohan’s part.

1 That time he shot his wife

screenshot of dragon ball z battle of gods

It’s no secret that Goku’s association with Chi-Chi is questionable, as he’s often more in love with fighting than he is with her. Frankly, he probably got her in trouble more often than he actually hugged Chi-Chi with a kiss, especially if it’s true that Goku had never kissed his wife before.

Gohan’s marriage to Videl is a bit more romantic, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t gotten her into a mess or two. For example, when he drank too much punch and found himself carelessly deflecting bullets during a “game” with the Pilaf Gang, allowing a bullet to hit his pregnant wife.

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