One of the most important aspects of Loop Hero is acquiring as many resources as possible. This guide shows players how to farm all the resources.

It is incredibly important in everything Loop Hero for players to acquire as many different upgrades for their base as possible. The reason for this is that by purchasing and creating different buildings in the main base, the player will be able to unlock new cards, which in turn will allow them to create new combos and take on higher level enemies. By moving up the chain, players can also get better resources.

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Resources are some of the most important things in the game because using them is the only way the player can progress. There are thirteen different types of resources in the game and acquiring each one is very necessary. The problem is, these items can only be purchased in very specific ways, and each one is completely different. This guide shows players how to farm all the resources in Loop Hero.

Loop Hero: how to farm all resources

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Each of the different types of resources in the game is acquired in different ways. Some of them will require the player to defeat a certain type of enemy, while others will require the player to create a certain combination of tiles before it appears. However, the problem is that instead of trying to collect everything at once, it is much better to try to collect only a few different resources at a time. Players should try to adapt their deck to farm one or two different resources.

Another thing that players should keep in mind when trying to acquire resources is that they can use the Treasure card to get their hands on some basic types of resources. By placing eight cards around a Treasure card, they will receive a random variety of resources. This means that the player can use this method to farm multiple types at once. Here are the thirteen resources and the methods to cultivate them:

Food supply – Each time the player purchases twelve rations, a food supply will be earned. The easiest way to grow rations is by placing a Meadows card somewhere in the loop to purchase a small amount of rations. As soon as they reach twelve, these rations become food supplies. The player can also lay down cards from the battlefield and fight enemies there to occasionally earn full food supplies.

Stable wood – When the player gains twelve stable branches, they will immediately turn into a stable wood. To farm, these players will need to place as many Groves as possible in their loop, and each time they pass through one, they will earn a branch.

Preserved rock – Once the player earns ten Preserved Pebbles, they will become a Preserved Rock. Similarly to rations, the player will earn Pebbles by placing a rock or mountain tile somewhere along the loop. They can also be obtained by passing through a graveyard tile. The player can also earn a large number of pebbles by creating a mountain peak using a 3×3 grid of mountains or rocks.

Stable metal – To earn a Stable Metal, the player must collect 13 Scrap Metal. Scrap is only earned by the player who collects weapons and armor after their inventory has already been filled. A great way to do this is by placing tiles that spawn low-level enemies. Place several battlefields together to create a bloody path, for example, and fight the blood clots that are generated.

Metamorphosis – This one is interesting because it is only created once the player manages to acquire 20 notable changes. Notable changes can only be acquired by activating card combos. A great way to grow this resource is by placing a bunch of Meadows next to the tiles to create Blooming Meadows.

Book of memories – Players can obtain this resource by converting ten memory fragments into a memory book. There are actually two different ways to grow this resource. One is to create the graveyard at the base camp and then place the graveyard cards on the circuit. Then each time the player passes a graveyard tile, they will acquire a memory shard. Another option is to fill the deck of cards at the bottom of the screen to force a discard. This will grant the player a Shard.

Astral Orb – Any Mage or Cosmic-type enemy will drop this resource when defeated, but most of these enemies can be difficult to summon and defeat. One of the easiest to grow is Dark Slimes. These enemies can be summoned by creating a Goblin Camp tile and then eliminating them if there is still a Goblin on the tile. This will turn the Goblin into a Dark Slime and allow the player to fight him on his next loop.

Orb of Beyond – The player can create this resource by collecting ten Regrettable Scraps. Regrettable Remnants will fall each time the player defeats undead enemies or vampires in combat. Place a Village card right next to a Vampire Mansion to turn it into a Plundered Village. This will give players various Ghouls and Vampires to submit to and earn Pitiful Remains.

Orb of Evolution – To obtain this resource, you must kill the enemies of the game that are considered Plants or Alive. One of the easiest types to kill is bandits, especially since they are really easy to spawn. All the player has to do is place two Villages somewhere in the loop for these enemies to appear. Drop more to have more opportunities to fight them.

Orb of Expansion – The only way to obtain this resource is by killing at least five different enemies in a single fight. This will probably be one of the most difficult resources for players to acquire because it is not often that so many enemies are fought simultaneously, and even when they are, there is no guarantee that the player will be able to defeat them. However, one way to cultivate them is in the same way that players cultivated the Afterlife Orb. By placing a village near a vampire mansion, the player can ensure that one vampire and four ghouls will attempt to fight them on their next loop. Also note that the more enemies that are involved in the fight, the greater the probability that the Orb will fall.

Orb of Immortality – The only way to earn the Orb of Immortality is to go through the entire chapter and defeat one of the bosses in the game. There are four different bosses (and a secret boss) that the player can attempt to defeat to obtain this resource. This is the most difficult resource to cultivate.

Orb of Unity – To acquire the Orb of Unity, the player must defeat any Liquid or Swarm-type enemy in combat. Slimes are the most basic version of the enemy to fight and meet this criteria, so players must lay down multiple Wasteland cards to spawn Slimes.

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Loop Hero can be played on PC.

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