Cindy and Karla from Marriage or Mortgage were desperate to get out of the house Karla shared with their ex, but they also wanted a big wedding.

Netflix’s newest reality series Marriage or mortgage it’s pretty depressing at first glance. In each episode, the show asks couples to choose between spending their limited funds (around $ 30,000) on a wedding or a down payment on a house. The depressing aspect is the glaring reality that the average American couple cannot afford both these days. However, the show has fun pitting a real estate agent extraordinary (Nichole Holmes) and a freak wedding planner (Sarah Miller) against each other. They engage in a takedown and drag fight over each couple’s business.

Although the concept of forcing a couple to choose between celebrating their love and putting a good roof over their heads is certainly a bit dark, the show is surprisingly funny and moving. For each couple, Nichole and Sarah go above and beyond, helping them stretch their money and make the most of every last penny. From photo booths and half-price wedding dresses (from Sarah) to free hedges and marble tickets (from Nichole), the experts go out of their way to persuade the couple to choose their deal. The gifts from the experts aren’t where the heartwarming action ends, though, because couples can move even the least emotional onlookers.

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Karla Hudgens and Cindy Andrews-Looper are a lesbian couple in their fifties living in Nashville, Tennessee. They’re as cool as they sound, and they immediately turn heads with their vivacious personalities and overwhelming love for one another. The two really got to know each other when Cindy, pastor of an LBGTQ + church, officiated at Karla’s wedding to her first spouse. They later got together after Karla’s wife cheated on her. Cindy came over to see how he was doing and the rest is history.

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In fact, it is sort out of history. The past can’t really become the past because Cindy and Karla still live in the house that Karla shared with his now ex-wife. This living situation is less than ideal, and the house is also less than ideal. The problem is the lack of space for Cindy to sit down and write her sermons. The reality is that Cindy and Karla desperately want to celebrate their union with “a big gay wedding, “and they only have $ 30,000.

Sure, some might immediately say that they already have a home, and who cares who used to live in it, and encourage them to choose the wedding! The fact is that the house does not exactly have good memories. Also, for this couple, openly celebrating their marriage is something really important. They want to be a beacon of hope for their community and they want to give their community a reason to celebrate. Pass those tissues, we are all crying …

In the end, Sarah made major stops and offered Cindy and Karla their dream wedding (and more) for the tremendously low price of $ 30,350. Cindy and Karla felt the choice was clear. They chose the wedding and, although they had to push the date back several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they finally had the wedding of their dreams on October 17, 2020.

Then Marriage or mortgage, Cindy and Karla still live in that same old house, with their dogs, Bentley and Chloe. However, they do not regret it. Their big day was everything they could have hoped for and more. These stories are what make the show stand out.

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Marriage or mortgage now streaming on Netlfix.

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