One of the best bows in Naruto The Chunin Exam Arc, is known for closely introducing other important characters and future allies of the protagonist. Featuring some of the best episodes in anime, this arc is best known for showing the personal growth of these characters, while also having an undertone of political intrigue.

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Although there are some crazy battles during this arc, others don’t shine compared to the best. These battles can be considered bad due to the clear disadvantages of one of the participants or due to the calm nature of the fight itself. With battles that were fought, both during the Chunin exams and outside of it, some fall into the category of the worst battles of this particular arc of Naruto

10 Sasuke Vs Yoroi

Sasuke using his Lion's Barrage

Warned by his sensei Kakashi that the fight would stop if Sasuke’s curse mark began to misbehave, the young Uchiha had to face Yoroi Akado unable to use any techniques involving chakra. Facing a severe handicap, Sasuke’s fate seemed hopeless when he faced Yoroi’s Chakra Absorption Technique.

However, having mimicked Lee’s Front Lotus and combining it with the Shadow of the Dancing Blade, Sasuke managed to defeat Yoroi, using his original Lion Barrage. Regardless, Lion’s Barrage isn’t the most powerful attack at Sasuke’s disposal, and the fact that he couldn’t use any of his typical jutsus makes this fight pretty tame.

9 Kankuro Vs Misumi

Misumi wrapping Kankuro with her Soft Physique Mod

Misumi Tsurugi from Kabuto’s team faced Kankuro, one of the Three Sand Brothers during the preliminaries. Using the Soft Physique Mod, Misumi was able to wrap Sunagakure’s genin in a python-like grip, threatening to pulverize him unless Kankuro surrendered.

Unbeknownst to Misumi, the body he was wrapped around was actually a puppet, which Kankuro eventually used to turn the tables and crush it instead. The anticlimactic way in which Misumi was defeated, makes this one of the worst battles during the Chunin exams.

8 Shikamaru Vs Kin

Kin Tsuchi holding his Senbon and using Genjutsu

Having faced Kin Tsuchi in the Forest of Death, Shikamaru was at a distinct disadvantage. As far as his technique was known to the sound ninja, his techniques remained a secret. However, three things made this battle one of the worst in the Chunin exams.

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First of all, Kin used a weak weapon like senbons, attached with and without bells, as well as genjutsu, to fight and distract a very intelligent Shikamaru. Second, he fell in love with the same Shadow Imitation Technique that Shikamaru had previously revealed; although the latter had implemented it quite cleverly using the shadow of Kin’s senbon threads. Third, the fight ended with Kin Tsuchi banging his head against a wall, which is arguably one of the least impressive ways for a shinobi to lose.

7 Shino Vs Zaku

Shino Vs Zaku

Having damaged an arm against Sasuke in the Forest of Death, Zaku Abumi was already injured when he entered the fight against Shino Aburame of Konohagakure. Therefore, the battle was quite unfair when it started; which was further accentuated when Shino used Kikaichu insects to overwhelm Zaku and jam the tubes in his arms.

While this battle could have been very entertaining, with Zaku’s arm severed at the end, much of its appeal was removed and the anime constantly shifted from this preliminary fight between Zaku and Shino to the mark of Sasuke’s curse being dealt with by Kakashi.

6 Naruto vs Kiba

Kiba and Akamaru attack Naruto

Battles involving Naruto are either rude or downright silly, and this confrontation with Kiba Inuzuka falls into the latter category. Weakened by Orochimaru’s Seal of the Five Elements, Naruto begins the fight with his back foot. He is greatly ridiculed and underestimated by Kiba, who goes on to describe the complexities of his technique.

Naruto uses this to his advantage, tricking Kiba into fighting his ninken Akamaru by skillfully using the Transformation Jutsu. However, he eventually defeats Kiba with the Naruto Uzumaki Combo, but not before taking advantage of his opponent’s intense olfactory senses and disorienting him, literally “breaking the wind”.

5 Sakura Vs Ino

Sakura Vs Ino

Sakura, a character with one of the weakest bows in anime, has been a close friend and fierce rival to Ino. Therefore, when these two faced each other in the Chunin exams, the expectations of the fans were arguably high.

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However, the battle was the opposite, with the two kunoichi simply exchanging blows. Ino was finally able to put Sakura under her mind and body change technique, which Sakura rejects. The match ends in an unimpressive stalemate when the two hit and hit each other simultaneously.

4 Gaara Vs Dosu

Gaara Vs Dosu

While not technically part of the Chunin exams, this battle falls within the arc. Dosu attacks Gaara one night during the interval between the preliminaries and the finals. Having lost his faith in Orochimaru after realizing that the Sannin had sent Team Dosu to test Sasuke’s ability rather than kill him, Dosu vows to thwart Orochimaru’s plans by killing Sasuke Uchiha.

However, to do this he has to secure a fight, and with Gaara being Sasuke’s next opponent that seems highly unlikely. Therefore, to execute his plan, Dosu attempts to kill Gaara, who easily defeats him without even blinking using his Shukaku jinchuriki. Seeing Dosu Kinuta, a shinobi who stood his ground against Team 7, Team Guy, and Team 10 in the Forest of Death being so easily defeated, makes this battle quite atrocious.

3 Team Oboro Vs Team 7

Team Oboro Vs Team 7

During the second phase of the Chunin Exams, Team Oboro attempts to attack Team 7 on two different occasions. While his first attempt to infiltrate Team 7 transformed as Naruto is easily thwarted by Sasuke, his second attempt is similarly thwarted. Naruto, who uses his Multiple Shadow Clone Technique, combining it with the Transformation Technique, easily tricks Team Oboro into revealing his position and is ultimately defeated.

two Dosu Vs Choji

Dosu Vs Choji

Choji Akimichi is one of the laziest and least motivated characters in Naruto which turns into the opposite when bribed with food. Therefore, when Asuma Sarutobi promises him food if he fights Dosu in the preliminaries, fans are looking forward to seeing a spectacular performance from the young Konoha ninja. Having witnessed Dosu’s technique in the Forest of Death, Choji’s victory is also expected to be easy and forthcoming.

However, despite having the right idea to use the Human Bullet Tank to hide his head and block himself from Dosu’s sound-based attacks, Choji is defeated in minutes by Kinuta. Dosu uses the water on Choji’s body to transmit sound waves and easily incapacitates him.

1 Temari Vs Tenten

Temari Vs Tenten

Another member of the Three Sand Brothers, Temari is seen as quite mysterious before the start of his fight against Tenten. Equipped with Fuinjutsu and Bukijutsu, Tenten, a character who has lacked development in Naruto, attacks Temari with his typical gun barrage.

However, the sand ninja easily thwarts this downpour of sharp projectiles with his wind release jutsus. The match ends disappointingly within minutes of starting, with Temari winning without even suffering a single scratch during the fight.

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