A new preview of Nightwing # 78 reveals that Dick Grayson meets Barbara Gordon for the first time, as well as his own awareness of her first name.

The first meeting of Dick grayson and Barbara Gordon is revealed as children in a new preview of DC Comics’ Nightwing # 78. While both characters were already determined to fight for justice years before joining Batman’s vigilante family, Nightwing makes a particular comment that is also quite good, revealing that he is fully aware of the unfortunate nature of his first name and the inevitable jokes that have come. with him over the years.

Dick Grayson was the first Batman Robin in DC Comics, who eventually grew up to be his own vigilante known as Nightwing. While the last few years have been quite intense for Grayson (getting shot in the head, losing memories, regaining them, losing loved ones), DC Comics’ At night goes in a whole new direction with a new creative team with writer Tom Taylor and artist Bruno Redondo, coming off their explosive 2020 career in Suicide squad. Starting with the next Nightwing # 78, Taylor and Redondo will begin this new era for Nightwing by looking back, as well as confirming that Dick Grayson has always known how unfortunate his own first name can be.

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In the preview pages, a young girl who can only be Barbara Gordon is seen trying to stop a group of wealthy bullies from beating up another kid, and Grayson soon arrives to help Barbara in her fight. When the main bully asks Grayson if he really wants to meddle, he emphasizes his first name, to which “Dick” Grayson replies that the bullies have never really attacked him, and that “you need thick skin to get through your life called Dick.” .

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  • NIGHTWING # 79
  • (W) Tom Taylor
  • (A / CA) Bruno Redondo
  • Nightwing is back, and his drive to keep Blüdhaven safe has never been stronger! But his adopted city has elected a new mayor with the surname Zucco. When Nightwing enlists Batgirl’s help in investigating the politician who bears the same name as the man who murdered his parents, he discovers details that will surprise and fundamentally change the hero.
  • The successful New York Times team of writer Tom Taylor (DCeased, Injustice) and artist Bruno Redondo (Injustice, Suicide Squad) are about to take Nightwing to the next stage of his hero evolution.

While seeing the first meeting of the future Batgirl and Nightwing is pretty amazing, the fact that Nightwing has always known about the unfortunate nature of his first name is also interesting and makes logical sense. It has led to jokes and nicknames over the years, and will likely continue for years to come, as evidenced by the wild moniker that Beast Boy gives Nightwing in DC. Future state.

Even the LEGO version of Batman makes a hit when Dick grayson introduces himself for the first time under his full name Richard in The LEGO Batman Movie, saying that everyone just calls him Dick, to which Batman replied, “Well kids can be cruel,” not realizing it was his real name. The “Dick” jokes aside, the fact that At night He’s confident enough not to let any of that affect him in the comics is a good thing, as he’s still one of the greatest heroes of all time in the DC Universe.

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