The Promised Neverland anime has gone in a different direction than the manga, so there are some details that only manga readers know about.

The promised neverland It’s been the talk of the anime community since its minions debuted. However, this is not due to the previous popularity of the anime series. Instead, fans are tuning in to find out what’s really going on with the story. The anime has completely derailed itself by omitting the most popular arc in the manga and leaving out key characters.

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Norman also appears seemingly out of nowhere, and the demons are put in a completely different light. Many fans struggled with the end of the manga in the summer of 2020, and it seems that the anime may be trying to make up for this. As a result, anime-only fans will be unaware of certain plot points that only happened in the manga.


10 The adventures of Ugo Books guiding children through the woods

Neverland Promised Owl Feather

The Adventures of Ugo does not exist in the anime, but it was an extremely important book in the manga. The novel was by Ray and described the creatures and flora of the strange world that children find themselves in.

Using what you learned from the book, the children at Grace Field House can move through the forest and its various dangers much more easily.

9 The cruel reality of factory farms

The Promised Neverland S2

Factory farms are a very dark revelation in the manga, as they mass-manufacture children for meat. It is a brutal facility where many of the children are deformed both mentally and physically thanks to mass rearing.

They are tied to tubes and some poor quality foods by feeding tubes until it is time to harvest them. This is barely mentioned in the anime and does not go into the horrible reality of the world that children find themselves in.

8 William Minerva and Norman connected

Promised Neverland S2E9 Norman

It’s kind of hard to figure out what’s going on when it comes to Norman appearing completely out of nowhere. Norman was a huge reveal in the later chapters of the manga, long after the time jump.

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He was acting like William Minerva, and he had changed enormously when the kids got together with him, so it felt a lot more organic when he referred to him as the boss.

7 Isabelle’s heartbreaking destiny is rewritten

Promised Neverland S2 Isabella

Isabelle is presumed dead near the end of the manga and was certainly not sent to track down the children. This also brings problems with the grandmother still being present even after Grace Field’s elopement.

Isabelle has a beautiful redemption in the manga, and that doesn’t seem to be the case in the anime. In fact, Isabelle maintains her role as a villain.

6 Goldy Pond was deleted from the anime

The Promised Golden Pond of Neverland

One of the things anime fans were most excited about when season two aired was finally seeing Goldy Pond animated. Goldy Pond is an action-packed arc that follows The Most Dangerous Game.

Emma finds her way to a fake city that was invented for sport by sadistic demons who love to hunt humans. A new cast of children is found here, and Emma must fight her way out of town.

5 Older children are discovered at Goldy Pond

Since Goldy Pond is missing, that also means that basic characters are also missing, such as Lucas, who was an escaped boy from the Glory Bell farm. There’s also the fact that the Goldy Pond kids were captured by demonic poachers.

This meant that several different children lived in the settlement and helped to give the story more depth and introduce the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčother farms.

4 The seven walls are the key to escape

The Promised Neverland S2 Ray

Manga fans know very well the Seven Walls and how important they are to the story. The Seven Walls has not been mentioned in the anime, raising a lot of questions about the show’s possible ending.

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This may indicate that He plays a smaller role or that He does not appear in the series, which would be a huge disappointment to fans who enjoyed the supernatural twist.

3 The Shelter Raid is much more climatic in the manga

Promised Neverland Peter Ratri

The Shelter Raid happened differently in the manga and it didn’t happen that quickly. In fact, there was a full arc before the shelter was stormed, and the kids were a bit more settled. This is the Cuvitidala arc in the manga, and it shows more about Ratri’s personality and makes the swat team raid feel less like a random attack and more like a huge turning point in the story.

two Mister is removed from the anime entirely

Neverland's promised security camera room

Mister or Yugo is another character missing from the show and he was an older runaway living in the shelter when the children arrived. At first he had trouble getting along with Emma and was happy living life locked up.

He had a heartbreaking redemption arc and became a popular character in the manga. He is another character who helps portray how bleak the world is and the effects it has on the mental state of escaping humans.

1 The hideaway of paradise is nowhere to be found

Promised Neverland Norman

Paradise Hideout is a big deal, and it’s where the group was originally supposed to meet Norman. The hideout contained children who had been rescued by Norman and Minerva before him.

This helps solidify how long the rebellion has been going on to save the children on the farms and helps show how Norman came to a state of power.

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