The end feels rushed

The ending is sweet. I’ll give you that. Is he typical Disney ending What you would expect, but it doesn’t suit me. I feel like the world wouldn’t come together like this again. It would take some serious healing to get to that point again. It’s been broken for so long and you’re saying that just because the dragons reappeared, everything is perfect again?

I hate to reference him again, but even in Frozen, there was so much time and conflict leading to that end where I know feel won. It feels like I’m destined to be there after the heartache and pain that all the characters had been through. But with this, everything is resolved so quickly, even when they are all stone people, it resolves so quickly. In a matter of minutes, the world is perfect again, meeting under the name of Kumandra once more.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but there have been much better endings at Disney.

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