The Lord of the rings It’s an epic tale of good versus evil, and it’s also packed with some pretty complex relationships. While it’s obvious that heroic characters go up against villains to destroy the One Ring, the series’ most compelling conflicts aren’t that straightforward. In fact, many of these relationships also involve complicated political elements present in Middle Earth.

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Whether it’s Community members clashing because of their backgrounds or Gollum being a complicated villain, these are some of the best and most iconic complicated relationships in the books and movies.

10 Arwen and Eowyn

While Arwen and Eowyn don’t even interact, they are positioned in the narrative as rivals for Aragorn’s love. This is unfortunate in the series because there are so few female characters.

The films tried to give both women bigger roles, but in doing so they also played the element of the love triangle with Aragorn. This was not the best move. While this love triangle is happily resolved, it didn’t need to be that big of an approach. While fans don’t see this dispute unfold directly, the conflict is felt throughout.

9 Saruman and Grima Wormtongue

Saruman and Grima can work together sometimes, but they’re not exactly friends. Grima uses Saruman because he wants to have access to power, and most important and creepy, he wants to have access to Eowyn.

Saruman, for his part, wants Gima’s help to gain control of Theoden and Rohan. In the end, Grima is the one who kills Saruman, but their stormy relationship isn’t as interesting as some of the others. Also, fans of the books weren’t happy that Saruman’s death was different from the one in the books.

8 Theoden and Aragorn

While Aragorn might not see Theoden as an enemy, Theoden definitely views Aragorn as something of a threat. Theoden clearly sees that Aragorn is king and royal in all respects that matter and that he is the type of person that others would want to follow.

It definitely feels inadequate in comparison, and this makes him lash out. However, it almost feels unfair because Aragorn is such a likeable character that there is no way Theoden can be compared.

7 Faramir and Denethor

Lord of the Rings Two Towers Extended Edition Denethor Faramir and Boromir in Osgiliath

This sibling fight is low on the list because it is one of the hardest to watch. While it can be realistic and even emotional, it is also really disturbing. As Faramir’s father, Denethor should take care of him, but he always favored Boromir. Denethor is a cruel person and his cruelty mainly extends to Faramir.

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It’s hard not to be upset when Denethor says that he wishes Faramir had died instead of Boromir, and these horrible words lead Faramir to recklessly try to claim Ithilien and almost die himself. While sibling fights are common, it is sad that these siblings could not have had more peace.

6 Frodo Baggins and Boromir

The Lord of the Rings Fellowship Boromir talks to Frodo

While most members of the Fellowship get along and take care of each other, Frodo and Boromir have an interesting kind of tension between them.

Boromir is the person in the Fellowship who is most susceptible to the Ring’s call, and he is the only one who tries to accept it. While Boromir shouldn’t be a complete villain, he does make a pretty serious mistake. And his decision to attack Frodo is what makes Frodo realize that he needs to leave the Fellowship.

5 Samwise Gamgee and Gollum

sam makes rabbit stew with gollum

This clash is probably one of the most entertaining to watch. Sam never trusts Gollum and always watches him closely. This makes sense because Gollum is not a trustworthy character, and Sam is also very protective of Frodo.

Sam is right now to believe everything Gollum says, and Gollum doesn’t like Sam either. Because of this, their interactions are quite funny, as they often fight each other.

4 Frodo Baggins and Gollum

The relationship between Frodo and Gollum is very different from that of Sam and Gollum. While Frodo doesn’t always like or trust Gollum, he feels sorry for him and even a kinship, as they were both ring bearers.

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Frodo wants to believe that there is still something worth saving in Gollum, and he also acknowledges that they need his help. However, due to the Ring, Frodo slowly begins to trust Gollum over Sam, and this leads to a rather heartbreaking moment when Frodo sends Sam away. This relationship is full of bitter ups and downs and does not resolve happily.

3 Aragorn and Boromir

The Lord of the Rings Fellowship Aragorn and Boromir in Lothlorien

Aragorn and Boromir also have a fairly complex relationship, and this all has to do with the history of Gondor and the rule of kings against stewards.

On the one hand, Aragorn is a threat to Boromir because he is the true heir to the throne, but, on the other, he grows up to have respect for him and wants to see Aragorn unite his people. They don’t always agree, but Aragorn is deeply affected by Boromir’s death.

two Gandalf and Saruman

The relationship between Gandalf and Saruman is interesting to observe, especially since there is a real wizard duel between them. While Saruman was the leader of the White Council and the greatest of the five Istari, he falls when he aligns himself with Mordor.

So Gandalf becomes the leader and becomes wiser and more powerful. It’s an interesting story, and Saruman serves as a great antagonist to Gandalf because he represents that even the wisest can be victims of Sauron’s evil. Although they were once friendly, the battles between them are some of the fiercest of all.

1 Legolas and Gimli

Orlando Bloom as Legolas Greenleaf Gimli Son of Gloin in The Lord of the Rings

Legolas and Gimli have one of the best complicated relationships in The Lord of the rings because they happen to be best friends. Fans often love rivalries that turn into romances or friendships, and there is also a lot of depth of symbolism in Legolas and Gimli’s friendship.

The hatred between elves and dwarves is long and complicated, so their friendship represents a kind of healing. And, the fact that Gimli and Legolas sail to the Undying Lands together is important because Gimli is the first dwarf to be invited. What begins as a fight that is much greater than two people ends with a love and respect that transcends borders.

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