The show is so relaxing, the episode titles sound like the scents of Yankee Candle.


Disney + just released the first trailer for the ultra-relaxing series Earth moods. The new show, which is part of Disney’s National Geographic property, will have five episodes that are sure to calm your nerves, while capturing the beauty of planet Earth. Each episode will cover a different topic, not just a particular landscape of the world. The five episodes are titled “Frozen Calm”, “Night Lights”, “Tropical Serenity”, “Desert Solitude” and “Peaceful Patterns”.

Despite being only 30 seconds long, the trailer details exactly what to expect from Earth moods when it falls next month. As in the trailer, the series will have no narration whatsoever, only drone images of the beautiful planet that we occupy with relaxing music in the background. The video offers short clips of some of the images in the series, including vast glaciers, unspoiled beaches, and snow-capped peaks. Earth moods You’ll also get a glimpse of the beauty that can be found in man-made landscapes, such as nighttime city skylines and views of eagle-eye sports arenas.

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The trailer encourages viewers to “see”, “hear” and “feel” the rhythm of the Earth. If this new clip is any indication of what’s to come in the series, it’s serenity on another level. It’s the perfect choice for what to put on your TV when you have guests like background noise, or to relax over a glass of wine after having suffered eight hours in a 5X5 cubicle.

The footage of Earth moods it’s just as important as the music and the tone of the show, and the two of you work together to provide an unforgettable experience. The original score for the project was composed by Neil davidge, a producer known for his work with Massive Attack. Davidge, who has also worked with David Bowie Y Snoop dogg, worked to create a unique theme for the series that aims to calm viewers.

Earth moods premieres on Disney + on April 16. Enjoy the quiet trailer and new poster below:

earth moods poster

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