The film Cocaine Bear is based on the true story of drug smuggling gone wrong and a black bear who stumbled upon millions of dollars worth of cocaine.

Cocaine bearElizabeth Banks’ latest project will become the most surprising film of 2022. Details on exactly what the plot of this film will be is still scarce, except that it is based on a true story that took place in Kentucky and Georgia in 1985. The movie will likely follow the true events behind the Cocaine Bear and how it came to be.

The project is still in the preliminary stages of production, so little has been announced about the Cocaine bear story or dismiss its description as “a character thriller. “However, with the title and tone of Cocaine bearBanks are unlikely to need much more to pique viewers’ interest. As for the true stories, few are as wild and unexpected as the saga of the Cocaine Bear, sometimes called Pablo Eskobear.

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The plot may be based on the unfortunate drug dealer who set the events in motion. However, a more absurd shot could focus on the bear himself and his encounter with massive amounts of cocaine. Another possible angle could explore the mystery related to the cocaine he left behind. Anxious fans will have to wait for future announcements to confirm those theories.

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Banks will direct Cocaine bear and could possibly appear in it, although the true story centers on a man and a bear involved in smuggling cocaine. It all started with a smuggling trip gone wrong and a bear being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The true story behind the cocaine bear

Andrew Carter Thornton didn’t always have a career as a drug dealer. In fact, he was a narcotics officer in the Lexington, Kentucky police force. He resigned the force to practice law in 1977, but sometime in the intervening years, he ended up working on the other side of the narcotics trade. In 1980, a federal indictment alleged that he was a member of a smuggling ring that involved other police officers. He was arrested and charged several times for smuggling drugs and weapons and attempting to steal weapons from a naval base. Unfortunately for one bear in particular, that was not the end of his smuggling career.

As always with police thriller inspiration, something went wrong. Thornton planned a daring drug smuggling operation in which he would fly over the Chattahoochee National Forest in Georgia, drop duffel bags of cocaine into the forest below, and then parachute, but his parachute would not open. His body was found in a Tennessee driveway, still with 77 pounds of cocaine. Later, authorities began to find cocaine dumped in the forest, but the last duffel bag escaped them for two months. As it turned out, a black bear found him first.

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The fate of Pablo Eskobear

Disneynature Bear

When authorities finally located the last bag of cocaine, they found it completely empty, missing the 75 pounds of cocaine worth approximately $ 15 million that were supposed to be inside. In the same place, they found a dead bear that had taken an overdose of cocaine. This story quickly earned the bear the nicknames “Cocaine Bear” and “Pablo Eskobear,” in honor of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. However, further investigation revealed another mystery.

The black bear died from a long list of causes: brain hemorrhage, respiratory failure, heart failure, stroke, hyperthermia, and kidney failure, among others. His stomach was completely full of cocaine. No living thing was made to consume so much cocaine at the same time. However, the autopsy revealed that the bear only had four grams of cocaine in his blood. You can’t possibly consume all 75 pounds, especially when even a small one-pound serving could cause your catastrophic organ failure. Millions of dollars in cocaine had been lost.

The bear himself was stuffed, as the cocaine overdose had apparently left his remains in good condition. The bear changed hands multiple times until it was purchased for a tourist attraction in Lexington, Kentucky, where the story began with Andrew Thornton, and Pablo Eskobear is still shown there alongside a drug use warning.

What happened to the rest of the cocaine?

Disneynature Bear

The Cocaine Bear is among the strangest true crime inspirations, but the story is still partially unsolved. The remaining cocaine disappeared, leading many people to blame the entire crime on the unfortunate Pablo Eskobear. In addition to his overdose, he is undeservedly to blame for the disappearance of millions of dollars worth of drugs. Since he consumed less than a pound, no more than 74 pounds was counted. Since authorities only found one bear that had reached its cocaine limit, a less furry culprit had to be held accountable.

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One of Thornton’s associates may have returned to find it, or a hiker may have accidentally stumbled upon the valuable find in the woods. However, the drug control officer in the case speculated that the disappearance was more natural. The cocaine packets were still there, so the drugs may have spread through the forest and dissolved in snowfall during the two-month search.

The cocaine bear and the lost cocaine are not the only true story of strange rural disappearances, but the actual incident still fascinates tourists and will soon captivate viewers. The Elizabeth Banks movie may attempt to fill in the blanks for what happened to the rest of the cocaine, although Banks’ story may focus more on a conflict with a heavily drugged bear than the actual story likely did. The real Cocaine Bear probably could have done a lot before succumbing to an overdose.

There are several potential angles Cocaine Bear can take on in its wild true story, ranging from comic absurdity to the tragedy of a crime that ended badly for both the humans and bears involved. Either way, Cocaine bear It’s sure to get more interesting as more details about the plot are released, and the wait is excruciating.

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