Darkseid just returned as the most prominent threat in the DC Universe, and his new level of power is staggering.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for “Epilogue” in Infinite Border # 0 by ALW’s Joshua Williamson, John Romita Jr., Klaus Janson, Brad Anderson and Troy Peteri, out now.

For the past few years, the DC Universe has been threatened primarily by two relatively new faces: Perpetua and Batman Who Laughs. Together, they nearly wiped out the multiverse and remade it into their own twisted images before the DC heroes dealt with them once and for all.

But after Infinite border # 0, the DC Universe finds itself dealing with a more classic threat. Now, Darkseid is ready to end all existence using his most powerful form.

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After being sent to the Gods Sphere, Wonder Woman could sense that there was a new threat on the horizon. It was something he couldn’t point a finger at, but despite everything, he knew it was there. After a quick tour from the Quintessence of the new Infinite Frontier that she had helped introduce, Wonder Woman was satisfied that the threat she felt, if it existed, was not yet ready to make its move. With immediate worry passed, he decided to blaze a new path for the gods on his own, leaving Quintessence behind.

It is then revealed that the Quintessence, despite trying to dissuade her from the idea that there was a threat, had in fact already found and trapped the threat. They tried to imprison him on Earth Omega, a new version of Earth where even gods could die, but they underestimated Darkseid’s strength, and they wouldn’t live long enough to regret it. Darkseid made his terrifying new debut, slaying the Quintessence in a matter of seconds before bragging that he had merged with every version of himself throughout the timeline and now represents the end of all things.

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Darkseid was always powerful. In almost all of the villain’s appearances, it takes the entire Justice League to match him at his former levels of power. That’s part of what makes his claim that all of his past aspects have merged to empower him even more terrifying. By killing the Quintessence, beings that are gods or have demigod abilities, Darkseid has unequivocally demonstrated the incredible power he now possesses.

The terror of this new level of power aside, the psychological aspects must also be considered here. All previous versions of him, the original version, Boss Dark Side, and the New 52 version have been exceptionally evil. If they have all been grouped into a single entity, then it is quite possible that Darkseid is now more evil than ever. There may be no limits to what you are willing to do to achieve your goal.

And it seems that his objective has changed. In each past incarnation, he wanted maximum power and control through the Anti-Life Equation. Events like Final Crisis revealed what it would look like if Darkseid got his hands on it. But this new form is something else. Clearly, Darkseid underestimated what true power is and how he would change it. Now more powerful than ever, Darkseid seeks not to control the multiverse, but to destroy it.

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