How is it that Deadpool always has an arsenal of weapons and ammunition wherever he goes? The secret is hilarious that involves epic planning ahead.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Deadpool Nerdy 30 # 1, “No Chill Whatsoever” by Daniel Way and Paco Medina

In the Marvel Comics 30th Anniversary Special Edition for dead Pool, Wade Wilson reveals the secret behind one of his deadliest abilities, revealing how he always has incredible weapons at his disposal. It seems that wherever Deadpool is, he always has an impressive arsenal of weapons, ammo, and explosives at the ready, and at this point, he’s almost a superpower in his own right beyond his incredible healing factor. The answer is quite cold … and sweet.

In Deadpool Nerdy 30 # 1, an impressive collection of Marvel creatives have come together to tell a fun anthology of stories detailing various birthdays Wade Wilson has had or will have in the Marvel Universe. As such, Deadpool’s first birthday saw several Cables coming from the future, debating with each other about whether or not they should kill him, and whether or not he would actually save the world. Also, her 16th birthday was the same day as her high school prom, so Wade thought the dance was actually her birthday party, although it ended up being crashed by Wolverine anyway. However, in writer Daniel Way’s “No Chill Whatsoever” with art by Paco Medina reveals a cool fact about Deadpool’s guns and ammunition, all while Wade is picking up his birthday cake.

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In the short story, Deadpool has just helped an illicit drug manufacturer escape the control of a Nicaraguan drug lord, who has promised to confess to the CIA if Wade can get him to safety and away from the cartels who are after him. However, Deadpool needs to make a quick stop on the way to Frozen Tasteland to pick up his cake, though he also reveals his incredible preparation when it comes to his weaponry.


Thanks to the prevalence of this particular ice cream parlor chain around the world, Deadpool always has a stash of gear close by when he needs it. While the scientist thinks his hiding places are stupid, it’s actually the best kind of logic and a hilarious stroke of brilliance for Deadpool. It basically acts as the perfect small-scale retcon, providing the off-page explanation that every time Deadpool showed up to a fight with a large number of weapons seemingly out of nowhere, he actually ran into the Frozen Wasteland room more. nearby to pick up your equipment.

At the end of the story, Deadpool picks up his cake, grenades, some new weapons, and lots of snacks stuffed into his bags. However, he decides to leave the drug maker handcuffed in the freezer, determining that the CIA would likely hire him to make more drugs and hurt more people, which Deadpool was not interested in. Regardless, Deadpool’s ice cream caches are now a thing, and it’s absolutely amazing. As such, it would be a lot of fun to see these ice cream parlors appear in the future. dead Pool Marvel Comics editions whenever Wade needs to stock up on some firepower … and a submerged cone.

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