Bucky was deprogrammed from his Hydra brainwashing by Shuri in Wakanda, but Falcon and the Winter Soldier will test if Barnes’ mind is really theirs.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier It will finally test if the deprogramming of Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) in Wakanda worked or if the Winter Soldier is still under the bondage of Hydra. Bucky and Sam Wilson, aka The Falcon (Anthony Mackie), take to the main stage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) two best friends will explore what superheroism means in the post-Avengers Endgame MCU. But Bucky also has other things to prove; mainly that he is no longer a Hydra assassin.

Bucky Barnes has had a long and tragic life since his introduction to Captain America the First Avenger. Sergeant. Barnes and the 107th Infantry Regiment were captured by Hydra during WWII. After Steve Rogers, who was now Captain America, rescued 107, Bucky joined Steve as part of the Howling Commandos and they brought the fight to Hydra. However, Bucky was subjected to experiments by Arnim Zola (Toby Jones) and survived what was believed to be a fall to his death. After Barnes was recaptured by Hydra, he was extensively brainwashed and further enhanced with a metal left arm. Bucky became the Winter Soldier and carried out decades of assassinations for Hydra. Bucky’s mind was erased and he went into suspended animation after each mission. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers was able to break Bucky’s brainwashing. Barnes continued his recovery while on the run, although the Winter Soldier was briefly reactivated by Helmut Zeo (Daniel Bruhl) in Captain America: Civil War.

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After the events of Civil war, Captain America took Bucky to Wakanda to have him deprogrammed. Decades of refurbishing the Hydra resulted in Bucky still being vulnerable to the following code phrases spoken in Russian: Longing, rusty, seventeen, dawn, furnace, nine, benign, homecoming, one, freight car. In Civil war, Helmut Zemo proved that the Winter Soldier could reactivate and become a near-unstoppable killing machine. In Wakanda, Bucky was placed in the care of Shuri (Letitia Wright), the younger sister of King T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) and the most brilliant scientific mind of the technologically superior African nation. Bucky returned to cryo-sleep and Shuri promised that he could find a way to break Hydra’s mind control. By the end credits scene of Black Panther almost two years later, Bucky was apparently cured. But did Shuri’s deprogramming really work?

In Avengers: Infinity War, Bucky Barnes described himself as “a semi-stable man of 100 years” but it is difficult to say for sure if he is truly free from the Hydra clutches on his mind. While it gave Shuri’s genius just enough, there simply wasn’t time to show if Bucky is no longer susceptible to long-term Hydra conditioning. After all, when Bucky came out of his cryo-dream and Shuri stopped messing with his mind, Barnes was living simply as a farmer in Wakanda, where he was known as the White Wolf. T’Challa called Bucky back into action before the Avengers arrived to join the Wakandan army against the Sons of Thanos (Josh Brolin), and immediately after that conflict, Bucky was one of the billions who the Mad Titan turned to dust with his Infinity Gauntlet snap. Then Bucky came back to life five years later and fought the Avengers’ final battle against Thanos before seeing an older, time-traveled Steve Rogers pass Captain America’s shield to Sam Wilson.

While it’s probably safe to say that Shuri successfully broke Bucky’s programming that Zemo blew up on. Captain America: Civil WarIt is unknown what else Hydra could have done to Barnes’s mind. However, it is also likely that Shuri anticipated layers of hidden Hydra programming and that she was as thorough in her work curing Bucky as she is when she is designing Vibranium-based weapons and technology for Wakanda. Nonetheless, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier It will be Bucky’s new baptism of fire. The new and improved Winter Soldier will try to adapt to the real world of 2023 and will be exposed to new stimuli while facing new threats to the world. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier it will be the true test of how completely Shuri rid Bucky of the Hydra poison in his mind and if Bucky Barnes really is free to write his own heroic destiny.

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