While Parler isn’t available to download from the App Store and Google Play, the $ 450 Freedom Phone comes with the app pre-installed.

Parler users can now request a ‘Freedom Phone’ to access the application on a smartphone. Over the past few months, Parler has faced multiple obstacles in providing users with access to the social media platform. The new phone with its uncensored app store may turn out to be a way around the problem, although it may also have its own app support and update issues.

After the riots in the US capital of January 6, Parler found himself disconnected. After Amazon Web Services removed web hosting support for the Parler website, Apple and Google removed app store support for the Parler iOS and Android applications. Since then, the service has found a replacement hosting provider, but the apps have not been officially available. While there is a workaround for the Android app, the iPhone app will likely remain inaccessible via the iOS App Store.

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In an attempt to fix the problem, a Freedom Phone is now available to order online. the website confirms the purpose of the phone as a device focused on privacy and freedom of expression that “won’t silence your voice. “The Freedom Phone costs $ 449.99 to buy and not only comes preloaded with Parler, but also a“FreedomOS App Store” where other applications will be available for download. According to the application web pageIn addition to Parler, Freedom Phone users will have access to Rumble, DuckDuck Go, Newsmax and One America News Network, among others. “popular apps banned and not banned. “

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What to Expect with a Freedom Phone

Freedom Phone Applications

The Freedom phone doesn’t just stop at the app store, the device also runs on FreedomOS. “the first massively marketable mobile phone operating system based on freedom of speech, ”According to the website. While the website notes that the device was removed from Android, that is not the case. Whether or not it comes with Google’s usual suite of apps, the operating system is almost certainly a version of Android. The only other features and specs confirmed at this time are a six-inch screen. “big“storage, support for dual SIM and microSD cards, as well as”great camera. “

Although this version of Android may not have as many restrictions as other devices, those additional restrictions are also what normally allow an Android phone to carry not only the Google Play Store, but the rest of the Google applications in general. Because of this, while shoppers may end up with access to Parler, they could end up losing many other apps that they would need to access on the same device. Not to mention, it’s unclear what security and update protections are in place and that’s something any Android phone buyer should be aware of before placing an order.

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