Tost, a GTA Online gamer and avid programmer, is celebrated by the community for fixing the game’s slow PC load times by over 70 percent.

Tost, the now famous GTA Online player, is celebrated by the community for fixing PC load times. Grand Theft Auto is a popular action-adventure franchise with a vibrant open world in which to roam and commit crimes. In GTA Online, players are immersed in the fictional state of San Andreas and can participate in competitive or cooperative robberies and crimes. With up to 30 players pitted against each other, players try to win money and wreak havoc by transforming themselves into known criminals. Every moment is valuable as players reach the top, but multiplayer is known for slow loading times. An avid gamer and programmer who calls himself Tost used an innovative method to solve the problem.

While next-gen consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X are getting a standalone version of GTA Online, current generation consoles and PCs were left with slow load times and no hint of a possible solution. Tost took matters into his own hands, discovering a way to cut load times by 70%. Basically, Tost overwritten the need for the game to do unimportant checks that were consuming a lot of CPU time. Once the programmer issued the patch, the game loading speed increased tremendously. Bringing the valuable patch to Rockstar’s attention earned Tost $ 10,000 and fame among other players.

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After Rockstar confirmed that the fan-made fix reduced load times, Tost became an instant phenomenon among the GTA Online community. Reddit users like kimo2020 Y Danies444 started posting memes about the famous patch that fixes the dreaded load times. Players seem to be grateful for Tost’s work and are looking forward to the official Rockstar update.

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The community has joined Tost for the incredible achievement. While the patch may not work on current-gen consoles like PS4 and Xbox One, it is still a huge success that at least one version of the game undergoes a significant change. Rockstar can even be pressured to fix the current-gen load times of all the commotion, but nothing has been confirmed. The fact that Tost has been able to do what Rockstar failed over all these years is an indication that community-driven change is essential to power big gaming companies. Gaming communities have always shown importance throughout the modern gaming era, providing valuable feedback and keeping gaming companies online.

There have been a number of community-driven success stories in gaming. One such case saw the Fallout 76 community donating to a role player in need and the Destiny 2 The community forced Bungie to remove a hate symbol from the game. Tost scheduling achievements will be reduced by GTA Online History and the dedicated community will likely never forget the work Tost did to help fix the beloved game.

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