the Naruto The franchise takes place in a world full of ninjas, and the story focuses primarily on a group of young ninjas who call Hidden Leaf Village in Tierra del Fuego their home. Leaf ninjas are known to be especially skilled, and the village has produced some of the strongest shinobi in the series, but other villages have produced exceptional shinobi.

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Hidden Cloud Village is located on a high mountain range in the Land of Lightning, and most of the village ninjas are known to use some form of Lightning Release in battle. Every shinobi in the Cloud Village has some skill level, but there are certain shinobi who are above the rest.

10 Dodai was a trusted advisor capable of releasing lava

During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Dodai was part of the Fourth Division, meaning that he faced four resurrected Kage and Madara Uchiha, but he also spent two decades assisting the last two Raikage. He was so skilled that he was able to react to the superhuman speed of the third Raikage.

Dodai was able to use Lava Release to create a durable rubber-like substance that was strong enough to absorb the massive impact of the meteor that Madara threw over the entire division.

9 Samui is an expert Jonin who took on Ginkaku and Kinkaku

Unlike her teammates, Samui was very calm and mature, and these traits made the fourth Raikage see her as a valuable and trustworthy shinobi. She was a Jonin, which means she was an exceptional shinobi, and she was responsible for assembling the Surprise Strike Division of the Allied Shinobi Forces.

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During the royal war, he fought alongside the rest of the 1st Division, and even faced the famous Gold and Silver brothers, who were equipped with legendary ninja tools that the Sage of the Six Paths himself wielded.

8 Omoi is an expert swordsman who was trained by Killer B

Omoi is a very cautious person who tends to get lost in his own thoughts, but he is also an exceptionally skilled shinobi whose abilities have been praised by Kakashi and the fourth Raikage. He may not be among the strongest swordsmen in the series, but he’s still capable of going toe-to-toe with one of the acclaimed Seven Swordsmen of the Villa of Mists.

Omoi was trained in sword fighting by Killer B, and when he reaches adulthood, he is capable of creating afterimages of himself. In the new era, he serves as a personal assistant and bodyguard for the fifth Raikage.

7 Toroi was able to use the extremely rare magnet release

Edo Tensei is labeled as a forbidden jutsu because the user uses living sacrifices to resurrect dead shinobi. The Fourth Great Ninja War featured dozens of revived ninjas, including a famous jonin from Cloud Village named Toroi.

Toroi possessed Magnet Release, a sporadic chakra nature that allowed him to generate a magnetic force. He used to use Magnet Release in conjunction with his trademark square-shaped shuriken, and he could create a magnetic field around anyone they touched, and he used that field to draw enemies towards him.

6 Darui became the fifth Raikage

Darui Naruto

Darui may have been weaker than the third Raikage, but he was still held in high regard, so the third decided to pass the Black Lightning Launch to him alone. He was so skilled that he served as the fourth Raikage’s personal bodyguard, and during the Fourth Great Ninja War, he eliminated dozens of White Zetsu by himself.

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Only the strongest ninjas are capable of becoming Kage, and it generally means that they are the strongest shinobi of their generation and years after the war, Darui was named the fifth Raikage.

5 Yugito was the two-tailed Jinchuriki

The Cloud Village was lucky enough to get two Tailed Beasts, including the Two-Tailed One, and their last Jinchuriki was a ninja named Yugito Nii. Yugito was a Jonin, which means she was an incredibly skilled ninja, and even Killer B looked up to her.

She managed to corner Hidan and Kakuzu when they came after her, and they managed to defeat her despite her dropping the Two-Tails. If it weren’t for immortality and Hidan’s curse, he probably would have killed them both.

4 The gold and silver brothers took the nine-tailed and the second Raikage and Hokage

Ginkaku and Kinkaku were known as the Silver and Gold Brothers, and they were a duo of ninja villains from Cloud Village who were resurrected during the Fourth Great Ninja War. They were distant relatives of the Sage of the Six Paths, so both could use their ancient relics.

The brothers attacked The 2nd Raikage and Hokage while they were signing a peace treaty, and both Kage left the incident wounded, with the Hokage on the brink of death. They even tried to capture the Nine-Tails, but they were swallowed and managed to survive by eating some of its meat, so they can use the power of a Jinchuriki.

3 Killer B had the power of the 8 tails

Killer B is the adopted brother of the fourth Raikage, and he developed a unique fighting style that allows him to use seven swords at once. B is also the Jinchuriki of the 8 tails, but unlike most Jinchuriki, he has a real relationship with his tailed beast, allowing B to use the full power of the beast.

He faced the fourth Hokage and was praised by him, and faced Sasuke Uchiha, whom he nearly killed twice. He even faced several reanimated Jinchuriki and the Ten Tails.

two The fourth Raikage was the fastest living Shinobi

A became the fourth Raikage when he succeeded his father, and while some fans consider him one of the worst Kage, no one can deny his strength. He had such mastery of Lightning Release that he could amplify his physical strength and speed by encasing his body in the lightning chakra.

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When the fourth Hokage died, A was considered the fastest shinobi in the world, to the point that even the Sharingan couldn’t keep up with his movements, and is capable of piercing a Susanoo’s armor.

1 The third Raikage was the strongest shinobi in the history of the village.

The third Raikage may not have been as fast as his son, but he was certainly stronger than him. In fact, he is considered the strongest shinobi Cloud Village has ever produced. Like his son, he was able to cover his body with a layer of lightning chakra, and he was able to focus this lightning on his fingers, allowing him to cut through practically anything.

He was able to fight a rampaging 8-Tails alone, and that battle ended in a draw, but he ended up receiving a self-inflicted wound when he accidentally collapsed onto his own lightning-infused hand. He even took on an army of 10,000 ninjas by himself.

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