the One piece The manga debuted in 1997, and has since become one of the most popular series in history, and the anime has also managed to achieve worldwide popularity. the Attack on Titan The manga debuted in 2009, and although it had a significant fan base, the series did not garner any real worldwide attention until the anime was released in 2013.

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Attack on Titan is set in a world where humanity is threatened by giant, man-eating humanoid monsters called Titans, and for the most part, they cannot be killed. However, they can be removed if a specific section of your nape is cut or destroyed. One piece it’s full of characters that are strong enough to defeat a Titan, but there are also characters that would undoubtedly be eaten despite their abilities.

10 COULD KILL A TITAN: Law can use the Op-Op fruit to remove the nape of a Titan

Thanks to Op-Op Fruit, Law is one of the best users of Paramecia Devil Fruit in the series, and he can use it to take down almost every Titan that appears before him. The fruit allows Law to create a spherical space and can control the location and orientation of any object within that space.

With this ability, Law can simply rearrange a Titan’s body to the point where he can move longer and pose a threat, or he can simply use his power to remove the Titan’s neck from his body. Once the nape is gone, the rest of the Titan must stop moving.

9 IT WOULD BE EATEN: Buggy is too weak and his Devil Fruit would be ineffective

one piece buggy pirates

Chop-Chop Fruit may not be the worst devil fruit in Paramecia, but against a Titan, it would offer very little protection to someone like Buggy. The fruit allows its user to divide their body into pieces, and they can control these pieces individually.

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This power makes Buggy immune to slashing and piercing attacks, but he can still get hurt by other forms of damage. Buggy does not possess the physical strength to take down a Titan, and if he is captured by one, his Devil Fruit will not help him. This is because even if you prevent your head from being eaten by separating it from your body, your torso will still be eaten and that will kill you instantly.

8 COULD KILL A TITAN – Kaido’s strength and durability would be too much for any Titan

Kaido has fought some of the strongest characters in the series, and has left most of those battles without sustaining a single injury, so some Titans will mean nothing to him. He may be human, but Kaido is considered the strongest creature in the world due to his superhuman strength and durability.

It is so strong that it will be able to pierce a Titan’s body with its massive war club with ease, and if a Titan ever grabs it, its teeth will likely break off when it tries to eat it. Kaido can also use his Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit to transform into a colossal blue dragon that can destroy Titans with elemental attacks.

7 IT WOULD BE EATEN: Sanji’s kicks can’t stop a Titan

Sanji may be one of the strongest and most durable members of the Straw Hats, but all of his strength comes from his powerful kicks, and no human has ever knocked down a Titan by kicking him. Of course, Sanji can improve his fire kicks and Armament Haki, but unless the attack completely destroys the nape, the Titan will still be alive.

If a Titan grabs Sanji, it’s game over, even with his Haki Armament. That’s because Sanji can’t apply it to his entire body, which means he would still be shattered.

6 IT COULD KILL A TITAN: Daz Bonez’s Devil Fruit turns his entire body into a weapon

The people of Paradis Island have been fighting the Titans for years with their 3D maneuvering gear, which comes with specialized swords. If those little blades are capable of killing the Titans, Daz Bonez will be able to pierce them too.

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Bonez was one of the strongest characters in the Arch of Arabasta, and he possesses the Dice-Dice Fruit, which allows him to create strong, sharp leaves from anywhere on his body. You can use those sharp blades to slice through a Titan, and if one of the monsters grabs it, you can cut off its fingers with ease.

5 IT WOULD BE EATEN: Nami’s weather manipulation wouldn’t stop a Titan

Nami may not have the power of Haki or Devil Fruit, but she can still handle herself in a fight thanks to her signature Clima-Tact, which is an adjustable staff that allows her to manipulate the weather around her.

The Clima-Tact has been updated multiple times and you can now use it to produce powerful beams. Lightning could take down a Titan, but only if it hits the back of the head directly, which will be incredibly difficult to do if the Titan is moving. If you use this technique and it fails, there will be no other way to stop a Titan from eating it.

4 COULD KILL A TITAN: Doflamingo can destroy a Titan with his ropes

Doflamingo has done some pretty heinous things, but no one can deny the fact that the former Warlord of the Sea was a powerful individual. He ate the string fruit and allows you to create and manipulate strings. He also managed to awaken his Devil Fruit, which is why he can now transform non-living beings into ropes and control them.

The rope may not seem like a good weapon to use on a Titan, but Doflamingo’s rope is capable of slicing through skin, muscle, and bone, and he used it to sever Oars Jr.’s leg at Marineford. Oars is basically One pieceIt is the version of the Colossal Titan, so if Doflamingo can get through it, he will be able to tear a Titan to shreds.

3 IT WOULD BE EATEN: Garp possesses incredible strength, but is still an ordinary human being

Garp is a legend and a hero, and if he really wanted the rank of admiral or fleet admiral, he would grant it to him right away. He may be old now, but Garp still possesses immense physical strength, stamina, and pain tolerance, but none of that would stop a Titan from tearing him apart.

Garp could defeat the giants, but those giants can feel pain and be knocked out. A Titan won’t stop attacking until it’s dead, and seeing how Garp hasn’t been shown to use Armament Haki yet, it’s fair to assume that it won’t last long in the clutches of a Titan.

two HE COULD KILL A TITAN: Zoro would go through a titan like butter

Zoro dressed as a samurai holding two swords

Zoro is one of the best swordsmen in One piece, that’s why all his fights have been entertaining. Seeing how it can cut through solid rock, slicing through a Titan’s body will be like slicing butter.

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Zoro has great stamina and can use Armament Haki to further increase the strength and cutting power of his swords. He can unleash a multitude of devastating attacks, and it doesn’t matter if he’s using a sword or three. However, if you use three swords, it is highly likely that you can defeat multiple Titans in a single battle.

1 IT WOULD BE EATEN: Usopp’s marksmanship couldn’t defeat a Titan

Usopp meeting with his crew

Usopp is brave when it matters, but for the most part, the Straw Hat shooter is a coward who would run for his life as soon as he saw a Titan coming his way. In terms of physicality, Usopp is arguably one of the weakest characters in the series, but he does possess Observation Haki, and his marksmanship with a slingshot is excellent.

If you used your slingshot to fire a small explosive projectile at a Titan, you could temporarily blind it, but that would be it. Titans cannot be killed with normal weapons and bullets, so unless Usopp has some sort of armor-piercing slingshot ammo, he will never be able to stop a Titan from killing him.

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