Matt James’ season is over, but fans are still excited about Emmanuel Acho’s job as host. How did viewers feel about the replacement of Chris Harrison?

Finally it’s a wrap The Bachelor season 25, and fans had a lot of opinions. Many shared their thoughts on Matt James and winner Rachael Kirkconnell’s relationship or the announcement of the two bachelorette parties. But Emmanuel Acho’s work as a presenter also generated mixed reactions from fans. ABC was reportedly waiting to see viewers’ reactions to Acho before making a decision about bringing Harrison back or moving on with a new host permanently. Based on split fan response, the network’s decision hasn’t gotten any easier.

After a disastrous interview with Rachel Lindsay, Chris Harrison took a step back in the franchise and Emmanuel Acho was announced as the new host of the post-finale special. After the final rose. Although the network was said to have been waiting until after the special aired to make a permanent decision on the advancement of the franchise, Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe were announced as the co-hosts for the upcoming season of High school. But the permanent host job is still open.

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Oy took his place as Chris Harrison’s replacement on Monday night and many viewers thought it was a notable improvement. Reddit fans thought Acho did an excellent job delivering the “difficult questionsAnd issues of racism, which was something that Harrison “Obviously I couldn’t have.“There were a lot of fans who wanted Oy to replace Harrison permanently. They felt that Oy seemed compassionate, present and “more committedThan Harrison. Many felt that Harrison used to go out “condescending and insincere,“And that Acho was great at”asking direct and intense questions but asking with grace and respect.

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However, there were several other Reddit fans who disagreed and thought that Acho did not live up to expectations for various reasons. “His performance and lack of experience shows me that he is not ready.“Said a fan. Others commented that it sounds too much like a sports news announcer and it came out “a bit robotic and flat. “Fans didn’t think he was completely terrible, but they feel he’s not the right fit for The Bachelor franchise. “Romantic things aren’t really in your wheelhouse“One fan claimed, and another added that while he was the right choice to handle the tough racial conversations this season,”he’s clearly wrong for the regular tacky show. “

Bachelor Nation alumni were quick to welcome Acho with open arms, but many Single Fans have been more hesitant. It’s understandable: Chris Harrison has been the host of the franchise for nearly two decades, since the show debuted in 2002. Fans have gotten used to Harrison as the face of the franchise, and many are reluctant to see him go. But several fans feel that Harrison has been slipping in the past few years and hasn’t been doing much on the show anyway. For them, a new face would be a welcome change to the old franchise.

Although the decision on who will be the host The Bachelor The franchise is still up in the air, ABC has bought itself some time with High school co-host ad. There are many who do not want Chris Harrison to return, but the network has time to consider its options. Has Oy done a good job on After the final rose secure the full-time host position? Fans probably won’t know until it’s time to film Bachelor in Paradise. Until then, the Internet will continue to debate.

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