Maybe this hedgehog will finally turn into Super Sonic?


It is hard to believe that the first Sonic the Hedgehog movie released more than a year ago before the world fell completely into chaos. Now the sequel has started initial production, and one can only hope it is the sign of good to come. Jeff Fowler, who directed the first movie and is set to direct the sequel, has shared via Twitter that the first day of production has officially started.

Unfortunately, the title is not “I have to go faster” or “It’s not easy being blue”, although we can’t always win. Instead, the name of the upcoming sequel, as Collider already reported, is simply Sonic the hedgehog 2. On the other hand, sometimes a variation on a familiar theme is a good thing! Several cast members are currently set to return for the sequel, including Ben schwartz like sonic’s voice, Jim Carrey in the role of Dr. Robotnik, James marsden as Tom Wachowski and Tika sumpter like Maddie Wachowski.

Sonic the Hedgehog

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Schwartz had also previously told our own Liz Shannon Miller that he was excited to get on board another sequel for a chance to return to the majesty of the world of Sonic. Oh, and probably also to see if they can top the $ 319 million the movie made worldwide.

“My hope is that we have the opportunity because he did very well, and especially at the national level, he did very well. So I hope we can do it because there are many more things we can do in that world. And I know Jeff would be awesome to direct another. It would just do a great job. ”

Sonic the hedgehog 2 It will also be the first time that Tails’ character is seen in all its glory on the big screen, as previously revealed in the sequel’s logo, and if that doesn’t get theaters to return to theaters in a post-pandemic world. , nothing will. . Tails’ appearance was telegraphed at the end of the first film, so it is almost inevitable that he will have a major role in the next sequel.

Currently, a release date for Sonic the hedgehog 2 It hasn’t been confirmed, but keep your eyes peeled for Collider for when that information drops. In the meantime, check out Fowler’s ad below.

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