One particular plot in Superman & Lois episode 3 curiously coincides with a Clark and Lana story that was told in the third episode of Smallville.

Superman and Lois Episode 3 repeated a story that was told in Smallvilleown third episode. While the shows focus on totally different periods in Superman’s life, fans have already pointed out numerous parallels between the two shows. While Clark started out as a high school freshman in one and a family man in the other, both shows are coming-of-age stories about teenagers getting used to their Kryptonian heritage in Superman’s hometown.

The first two episodes of Superman and Lois I’ve seen Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) fight to help his son, Jordan (Alex Harfin), who has inherited at least some of his father’s abilities. In Episode 3, titled “The Perks of Not Being an Outcast,” Jordan used his newfound powers to join the high school soccer team and managed to win some friends in the process. Of course, he made this decision without obtaining the permission of his father, whom he knew he would not approve. Unsurprisingly, Clark vehemently objected upon finding out. He was upset because he was concerned that Jordan would accidentally hurt the children with his enhanced strength.

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This was essentially a funny replay of a story that happened in Smallville Season 1, Episode 3. In “Hothead,” Clark (Tom Welling) was convinced to join the high school football team after the coach witnessed his shooting ability. Like what happened in Superman and Lois, Clark agreed to play despite not getting permission from his father, Jonathan Kent (John Schneider). Not unlike the situation that unfolded in Superman and LoisJonathan maintained that it was irresponsible of Clark to play soccer with other children, but Clark was relentless in his determination and was angry that his father did not trust him.

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What deepened the similarities between the third episodes of both shows is what happened with Lana (Emmanuelle Chriqui) and her daughter, Sarah (Inde Navarrette) in Superman and Lois. In rebellion against her mother, Sarah left the cheerleading team. The interesting thing about that is that SmallvilleLana stopped being a cheerleader at the same time. His decision occurred in the third episode and coincided with Clark’s joining the soccer team. Clark had expected them to be on the soccer field together and was disappointed when he found out that would not be the case.

The stories of Jordan and Sarah in Superman and Lois lining up so well with Clark and Lana in Smallville Make it look like it can’t be a coincidence But regardless, the show eventually veered slightly in one direction at the end of the episode. Jonathan reluctantly decided to support Clark in Smallville, but in the end it did not matter because other events prevented him from playing. When the topic became relevant again in season 4, Jonathan allowed it, but never approved of it. That is in stark contrast to Superman and Lois, as episode 3 saw Clark completely change his mind, having come to the conclusion that playing soccer may be just what Jordan needs. As more parallels occur in the upcoming episodes, it will be fun to see how your stories stack up against each other and how your decision making will differ from what happened in Smallville.

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